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  1. How player-friendly is this game now?

    I will download here and check out, to be really honest, expections are low. It's sad to hear that AION is in a bad shape, it's really an unique game, with 2 factions, flying/wings, housing and so. Does AION have a quenue system for dungeons? I heard if you get end level on Gameforge, you will get a legendary set, at least for the new class Thank you
  2. How player-friendly is this game now?

    btw is this server more populated than Gameforge?
  3. Hello. I'm looking for a mmorpg to play, so I want to know how is AION today. I know alot of info on internet but this game has a decade of patches and its hard to get this info. Do I need to spend TONS of credits (cash) just to not be farmed? I'm okay with grinding and some credits here and there, but I'm not into a P2W game. So I would like a really honest answer here if possible.
  4. Torrent?

    Thank you, I'm getting up to 1Mb/s and sometimes it freezes into 0. I will submit a ticket
  5. Torrent?

    Hi. Download through Aion Installer is taking ages, really low speed download. Is there an official torrent for AION NA?
  6. New player

    Thank you very much everyone o/ Why songweaver os hated in PVP? Is it somehow broken? Oh 1 last question: How do you farm kinah? Is it through dungeons, crafting or grinding?
  7. New player

    Hi. I never played AION before and I hope someone can enlighten me. I like how songweaver works, although there are so many patches and I don't know how good/bad it is atm. Should I keep leveling it? I aim for some sort of support class How do I gear up for endgame? Is it through crafting, tokens or dungeon drops? Do I need to level a profession? Is there a paywall for endgame? I'm okay about buying some NCoins for some "conveniences" Thank you
  8. Sw still a good choice?

    okay... I just start playing as a songweaver.... Now please tell me why I'm crazy? PS: I'm a new player, never played AION before