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  1. So this happened..

    Camping? they must not know asmos also enter instances , pvp happens, part of the game. But to message you over it on forums, means your special and rubbed them the right way.
  2. The Elephant in the EK Room

    clearly i wasnt gonna read his accusing of cms and gms of hand outs to the legions they are in. BTW as far as everyone knows only Cyan plays with us, and as its been stated he didnt hand nothing out. that was all support. Clearly i think Wada is and idiot for all his comments among this thread and simply said what i felt like saying before he speaks he needs to check himself. and do shit right and stop making himself look like a bigger idiot. the whole long ass page of Q.Q ... elyos got a gm playing. who cares? not like he has his gm powers. simple and im not wasting my time putting on a tin hat to read wadas bullcrap rambling.
  3. The Elephant in the EK Room

    Wada..Idiot... ( ya see what i did there? ;P) but seriously, 1. not even gonna fully read your life time story of Qq on aion. 2. Those elyos your accusing have always been geared since they crafted the gear to run things and get done. 3. if your crying over siege.... don't its your fault why? simple you never pre siege, no one killed the commander so it was gg! simple. 4.do not cry over dps, when you think your a god and all you are is a gear carried moron whom cant even do the proper maniacs for b.o.s WHO STANDS IN THE LASER and Trys to tank the boss there???? please shut up and stop crying, either get good or learn a better rotation
  4. P2W much?

    i agree with her, I dont care if you bring down the ek server to check peoples inboxes and seem whom was handed out what. Take it away, this is a new server it does not belong here. Support needs some calsses on what not to do instead of copying and pasting things to us and messing up like this. Who ever did this was wrong all these people should not have gear they earned on other server. defeats the point of this one. very disappointing.
  5. P2W much?

    Honestly i wanna see the ones abusing this to lose the iteams or something, because they know better, also nc needs better support people if this is gonna be happen
  6. P2W much?

    oh yea were not gonna be silent on this we wanna know how why and what are ya gonna? specially and specifically if you guys are going to check and search to find out all whom got hands by what ever Gm, even if they have access to gm commands on the normal account or not they still have access to an account that allows them to 1. adjust gp 2.Adjust AP 3. give iteams 4. remove iteams and ect by a / command.
  7. P2W much?

    Kind of hard to be Civil when that person had Gear that no one can get on the EK server. So someone did something. Than its whom else got it? now thats a bigger issue to us players. Because we all joined EK to get away from it , We wanted balance not handouts. " looking into it" we wanna see some kinda action, because as far as some of us are concerned that player cheated some how and someone in ncsoft screwed up. idk how yall are gonna find out whom all been handed out things, but i hope you do just imagine the upset! thats caused by it now and if nothing gets done im sure others will be even more raged.
  8. P2W much?

    i herd he was well still is getting hand outs form a Gm clearly
  9. P2W much?

    I think @Gideon and @Hime needs to check into this, Because there is a toons name with Cyan in a elyos legion thats the person is in and its funny how that person got the polearm GG
  10. P2W much?

    Are we getting a survey with the weapon? or is it being removed from that player? @Cyan asking for a friend.
  11. P2W much?

    Yea waiting on a answer since its been confirmed Gms are playing on this server
  12. ah thank you! i didnt see it there!
  13. sorcs robe of flame is in the wrong place making it unusable for us. its ion passive instead of active
  14. The Alchemy Event Instances and Rewards List

    i agree with this! i also feel the need to point out as everyone else is. the rewards suck!. . . . no contracts? nothing really anyone wants besides omegas and tempers. all the other stuff is bleh. Can we have the rewards updated?? or something?
  15. Aion August Preview - Updated 8/21

    What are the minimum Requirements for this Alchemy Event?
  16. Aion August Preview - Updated 8/21

    Still no xp buff mate
  17. i have plus 10 master harvester come again???????????? which you called "geared" i call anything plus 15-30 geared and kinah wise im not spending any Shugos told me not to! thanks for trying to insult me i never said i am personally angry. i been saying and i will repeat myself for the non reading people ""NEW"" players at this point have an unfair chance, ""NEW REturning OLD" players are sitting back a bit to. at least until they can get aether forging up or farm the gear in 6.x . ^.^ have a good day
  18. it very well can be bs, i play just about the same time, doing runs, getting supps and farming omegas. im about the same as him, but its bs to be plus 30 in that time frame,( unless your paying into events or something.) if your returning or new, thats my point. im all for the next patch, how ever i do feel for the new players and returning ones whom just got a full set now. i was not refering to people whom sit on here monthly yearly and ect, im talking about the ones whom just started the game, or the ones whom been away and returning to play. so yes im going to call that b/s ,unless you been playing while.
  19. you do realize plus 10 doesn't get rewarded??
  20. doesnt help the ones that are new now or just returned to the game now.
  21. God forbid you do not realize how unfair this is to the new players or returning ones whom have a job they need to pay bills. because they need to adult. i worked hard on my gear, myself im sure many people have done so as well, sure if you sit on here all day long and feel you need a reward to be ahead good for you. im more concerned over new players, because we do need them, and returning users to be able to have a fair playing ground. you know god forbid they want to come back and play and not be overpowered by someone being handed out ultimate gear.
  22. O.e sooo if idk people just returned to the game, this is basically GG. i watched players complained when ya nerfed the tia eye and stopped others from catching up. now the ones whom are pocket warriors and shit can be even more ahead. this is not gonna be fair to many returning users, and new players. . . i hope ya do something to make the playing field even
  23. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    I wish Cyan would Stop looking at forums like this , Because clearly if you look at the profile it shows hes viewing it, ? So how about showing us the time of day now??