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  1. Nobody said that. EK should be omitted from cross server until it catches up at least to some degree with the other servers. It is a server that started 6.2 with literally nothing. We don't even have anybody ranked yet. I've been thrown into Dredge with KT and DN groups with most of opposing team already in ultimates. soooo....wut do? Nobody is asking for a hand out. Just give us a break until we can catch the F up Ehh....if you're Elyos you're likely going to get steam rolled by asmo groups while doing anything open world on EK. lol Most of them are terrible thankfully, but they do have a lot more members on their faction. At least we are all about equally geared
  2. Kinah restriction on selling stuff

  3. I came back to the game only to start fresh. I didn't migrate to a new server to be a carebear. I quit the game a while back. How is it "carebear" if everybody is equal starting out? You must be one of those P2W T RASH
  4. Sure is nice to queue for dredge and end up against DN akd KT teams with legendary and ultimate pvp gear. REAL GOOD IDEA THERE
  5. About the possibility of a new server for 6.0

    I don't think there will be a "surge of players" for 6.2, but I know A LOT of people that are coming back after years away. I, however, don't want to come back unless there is a fresh start server since 6.0 is almost like a new game. I've been playing on the RU server and it's a great patch and reminds me of when Aion first came out. I think a fresh server with no xfers allowed would be great for the game. If there's no new server I'm not sure I'll be coming back.