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  1. Coming soon in AIon Server

    I'm an old active Siel player, playing from 2009-2018 and I never heard of you =p
  2. I finished all camp quests, went to lavrintos but he doesn't have any quest to pick... Did they remove it? I'm wondering because we still win some of the quest items while leveling (nebrith gives us some of them). Anyone able to help?
  3. Hello everyone! I just started playing again after a 2 years break, I stopped with a lvl 66 Glad, which I don't play anymore... I started a fresh Sorcerer! I still have some kinah from my old play sessions, around 500m kinah, so supplies are ok for now, since I'm a lvl 37 Sorc right now! I will get to 66 by tomorrow I think and I'm wondering what to do once I'm done with low lvling... What do you do to farm? Is it worth to level up right now or just wait for 6.0? I have around 3 hours everyday to play right now, so I'd like to optimize that time as much as possible and still feel some progression... Thank you very much in advance!