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  1. 6 minutes ago, Ken-KT said:

    I don't mean to nitpick, but I think the ultimate selection box is for after 6hrs and the legendary box after 4? Seems as though they would go in ascending value, not reverse...

    what is the problem to get somethin good before some common? r u crazy? dont help the rest and skip ur ults

    7 minutes ago, BigSexyHook-KT said:

    i guess this means 7.2 release at december 18th or Junuary 8th ???!!??11?

    where u found that dates?

  2. On 13/11/2019 at 2:54 PM, Capa-KT said:


    EU (7.2) as of today.

    Apparently they will also be getting custom fixes soon to counter the nerfs that Korea implemented in 7.2 (no stones from instances and something about kinah).

    Also if this is true, considering our stone morphing designs take XP-sapping items to morph, and that there's a new item in 7.2 that also takes away your XP to make something else (related to the Red Katalam content I think)... here in NA we will have a crazy strain on our XP gains. Curious if anything is planned to fix that or if we'll simply have no more enchantment stone morphs past 7.2.

    well GG Aion

  3. La pregunta seria tomando en cuenta los stats de un templar ultimate+15, por que aparte tienes que averiguar el cap de critico del templar por ejemplo en el caso de mi vandal es 32-35% que son 7k de critico, como es el stat mas dificil pues hay que ponerle empeño a eso y el ataque puede andar por los 16-17.5k a eso añade el PvP o PvE ataque que andes manejando.

  4. 1 hour ago, Lolnotagainlmao-EK said:

    @Cyan any update on the jotun 2 boss of PFHM?

    Seems really impossible to actually complete the fight, and this come from someone who do with a full geared group with luna

    u dont need be full geared with lunas xD
    but yes, jotun is hard(learn to fight with him dont search korean videos)

  5. What happen if NcSoft change the system of lunas(that afk instance), and let us make our runs with the same character where ur number of runs is equal to ur chars in the account that can do this instance.(Lv10+, 8-12)

    Why? that was the same question when i back to play aion and saw that rare instance AFK!!, what kind of game have AFK instances?, is a joke, but if u can do this runs in ur main character u can just keep afk, checking, crafting, retunning the gear of ur main or keep chatting with ur mates.

    Any person can say "you dont need to do that if u dont like", the problem is what u need lunas or pay for it, right now most people is angry for all that P2w system incoming but u need normal people to can fill the game.

    Their p2w benefit doesnt work without the rest of the community.

  6. 11 hours ago, RagdoII-DN said:

    I know the maths, the problem here is about the number of runs x the drops.

    If u think 20+ runs and 0 drops is absolutely normal, you deserve this game as it is now.

    The number of stars to purify is so easy compared with the drop rate.

    i did 2 more runs today, other earring

  7. U need know 1st the drop rate, for example if the drop is 3% + Drop 100% buff = just 6% then if u r looking for some kind of 100% drop rate need like 1500% drop buff and u can still fail.

    I did pf hard 3 times this week, we got acc but the problem is what u need 20 stars to upgrade every acc's.

  8. U dont need go in with ur alter, you just need the pop in the same itme to know that if u pass the enemy team will have 1 less.
    Then is not very smart go in and show that kind of abuse, sometimes the people is just noob as f

    Try find premades if u r good u will get a static group.

  9. 7 hours ago, Serilda-DN said:

    Hi everybody, hope you are having a sweet sunday.

    Making this post to ask you if you can put your Ultimate ereshkigal jacket in the luna wardrobe?

    Not sure if it's intended, just a bug or Im doing something wrong but cannot put ir on a slot 


    Thank you for Amy asnwer ^^

    u cant, have a good day

  10. 1 hour ago, DevilNest-KT said:

    funny, but that is wrong mate...

    This is the current ranking of best weapons for PvE

    1st -  Ultimate Noble Soldusk  - Aetherforging

    2nd - Ultimate Demaha Champion -  World Bosses

    3rd - Ultimate Dark Talon  - Genesis Crystals

    4th - Legendary Sovereign - IDD

    5Th - Ereshkigal Weapons - VT

    ?¿ anyway is free, to ppl wo equipment

  11. Puedes conseguir la mejor arma PVE dropeable del juego con el evento del 10mo aniversario del juego.
    Las coins las cambias en una maquina llamada Bboba Robot(Demaha/Sanctum), 3 coins por algo al azar y ahi sale la caja, tradeable.
    Intenta las instancias fáciles BoS, FM, HM para recolectar coins e intentar.

    U can get the best PVE weapond dropeable of the game with the 10th Anniversary event.
    Trade the coins with the vending machine called Bboba Robot(Demaha/Sanctum), 3 coins every try and if u r lucky u can get the box.
    Try the easy instances like BoS, FM, HM to collect the coins

    Hasta/Until Octubre 10.

    Dile a tus amigos.
    Tell to ur friends.


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