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  1. @Cyan @Gideon would be great if you guys could make transparent scrolls storable in account warehouse and also (i know it wont happen) enchantment stones storable in account warehouse.
  2. So, the Nochsana letters are kinda bugged. They went straight to the inventory instead of the special cube. When you summon the NPC that should take you there and you press the only option it gives you wich is "into Nochsana Training Camp!", it doesnt take you to NTC, instead you get this message: You there. Where's your papers? Can you please check it out and send the right ones? Thank you
  3. WE NEED THIS! Or at least make the Tuca Thorn looted by everyone when kill the mobs and not making roll for it
  4. @Cyan please bring back hair change tickets into bcm
  5. @Cyan hair tickets back on BCM pleaseeee
  6. Please put Hair Change Tickets back on BCM!
  7. @Cyan Can we please get Hair Tickets back on the BCM? thank you
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