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  1. So i stopped playing after 3.x.x patch dont even remember if it was 2014 or 2013 tbh. used to play 9-10H a day early 3.0 and during 2.x.x patch. i loved 2.x.x patch my favorite update by far and Inggison pvp as asmodian assassin was something i was looking forward to every single day. and i just found out that aion is back in Balaure that got me excited want to come back and definitely try to play Few things im not sure of and would be nice if you could answer please. 1) Should i keep playing what i know (Assassin) i played few classes but sin was always my main so should i keep with what i know or are new classes OP 2) Whats the current state of p2w? i am all for paying subscription but i hate when you have to pay for every little thing to upgrade your gear i think that was what turned me away from game back when all types of different store items were added to help you enchant your gear 3) State of world pvp is it still possible for solo pvper to make it in Aion as i currently dont know if anyone from old days still plays i know 99% of my friends quit the game 4) How hard is it to find groups for Dungeons one time i tried 4.x patch i remember gear requirements were crazy for endgame dungeons and everyone needed to link weapon or gear in order to invite you and last are there any Guilds on Asmo side that wont mind taking me and showing around because i have missed so much and have some catching up to do , at this point i dont remember what Server i was on and my name appears to be something random as i am still downloading game so ill have to wait and see where i end up exactly