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  1. Instance entry count invisible / not resetting

    I'm currently experiencing this right now with the story dungeon drakenspire depths. It's lame. LAME. Ahh! NCSOFT please.
  2. Drakenspire Depths Orissan No Credit

    This!?!?! hello! Same!
  3. During the dungeon, Drakenspire depths - I was killing king pumpkin and the npcs killed Orissa. (I've submitted a ticket, but they didn't fix my issue even after replying.) I wasn't able to progress because I didn't kill the boss, so I left the dungeon and tried to re-enter, it didn't work. So I logged off. Next time I logged on it gave me me the "Must wait 1 minute before entering." and the timer for the dungeon was stuck at 0s. How are we supposed to do a dungeon ncsoft if it's bugged out for entrance? helloooo ncsoft? help? please?