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  1. P2W much?

    So better NcWest change their employees team, they ruining the game. No wonder the population going down. Rules are made to be followed, what they doing is ridiculous.
  2. P2W much?

    Like i said: Not pointing fingers to anyone! But tell me, how that weapon appeared there?
  3. P2W much?

    You want to see? PFT what are you? A turd? Just ask arround! YES i do have proof and 90% of the players knows how some people have a different treatment here. I think you never played this game or you living in another planet! I'm not pointing fingers to ANYONE HERE. Just said GM'S treat people differently.
  4. P2W much?

    Because it happened before. GM's go over the rules for some players. Duhh wake up!
  5. P2W much?

    There is a limit for some things, mine reach out. Hope bunch of people would do the same.
  6. P2W much?

    I did because you can't compete with people if you don't do that.
  7. P2W much?

    How many times i saw GM's exchanging gear for some and not others if it blew up, Panesterra itens exchange, different treatment if you spend money, etc etc the list goes on and on. And some people are concerned why Aion fail in NA. After this episode i won't spend 1 more penny in to this game. NcWest team doesn't deserve my money at all when they do shady stuff.