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  1. Event total fail

    Little update: I do many runs in FM and BOS with a lot of toons. When boss drop a doll this time all the party have one, however there is a chance also that do not drop it. I run MS with all my toons and many times I got 1/4 dolls. Also the rates to level up dolls suck, I only level up one doll and didn't give me the paint (talking about the case of this topic). All other always brokes at +3 o +6 and that's bullsh*t. I still didn't get an answer.
  2. Event total fail

    Well at least happen to me lol. I do runs when it gives the doll to only one person and other to all group. It was weird
  3. Event total fail

    Need to add: Mirash Sanctum's boss have a chance to not drop you the doll. Ok ncsoft tnxxxxxx
  4. Event total fail

    So, I have luck and my doll go up to +10 or whatever. I got my cutie White doll but NOT THE PAINT, and you need that thing to combine and get the Magic Doll. Also WHY the dolls are untradeable??? I mean, I think I am not the only one with a lot of toons, and in every event we collect everything and give them to our mains or an specific toon, why you guys do that? What's the freaking point?! ALSO, HEARTS BUG IS HERE AGAIN AND ONLY THE ONE WHO LOOT THE BOSS GET THE DMN DOLL. Guys ffs do something good for the first time. You don't listen, you give us terrible and boring events, what are you making this game died like this? I will not spend a single coin to buy the magic paint, who cost 300 ncoins, because you said we can get the two objects to combine when the doll up to +10. Really I'm so disappointed and sad to see this wonderful game dies. @Cyan what should I do? Thanks.
  5. First of all, I apologize in advance, English is not my native language and I probably have spelling errors. The first thing I would like to highlight is the imbalance of races in the servers. Currently in KT, for the asmodians, it is impossible to do something in the siege of Lakrum, we simply can not advance, not even with the '' losers' buff '', they outnumber us. Added to that, the lag and low fps makes it even more difficult to participate in the siege, and this is not something of this update, it is a problem of yesteryear that has not yet been able to find a solution. Maybe a good solution to this problem is a merge of the current servers, although it probably does not help lag, but another solution is to enable the option that we can change server (if that option already exists, please tell me how it is done , they would help me a lot). I do not know, there comes a time when it becomes frustrating to see that we can never move forward, and I do not feel that we have bad players on the asmodian side. The second thing I would like to talk about is the transformations, and reading the forum I see that I am not the first person to complain about the topic. It is understandable that they can not modify an aspect of this update as important as the transformations (I mean they can not remove them and return the beloved scrolls) however, as with the economy that adjusted to our needs, you should modify that the transformations need to be invisible, since for this part of the world, it is not nice to see furrys everywhere and we don't want to pay to see our character, something that comes by default and so much cost to create, is unfair. Even, personally, I do not even want to spend money on skins since they will not be seen in the game, nor in appearance change tickets. The skins now for me became something completely useless and unnecessary. We need the transformations to be invisible by default or that the scrolls to make them transparent can be crafted and brokeable, and although you do not believe it or it seems a whim on the part of all, it is really necessary. The last thing I want to talk about is the kinah and it's a question in general to all the players. What is your current kinah source? because I only see ways to spend and spend but not to get kinah (do not mention craft in Luna because it is not something useful for me, I will not spend money to buy materials to make a box with kinah). I feel that currently the instances give very little kinah, I really am very lost with this topic. In addition to that the prices in Trade Broker are not adapted to the new economy of the game, so for that reason I am asking for a little help with that problem. I know there are many complaints, but I really see several inconsistencies that must be fixed, and I see that I am not the only one, I hope we can achieve something with all the complaints and that we can enjoy the game that we all like so much. Certain things that made Aion a unique MMORPG have already been lost, hopefully we can solve others. Thanks for reading, have a good day.