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  1. No Server Transfers?

    Hope they fix it, I want my instances
  2. No Server Transfers?

    @Cheesecake-DN I thought it was because i was in a legion, which is one of the reasons why you couldn't. But even after I left it still remained that I couldn't transfer but yet if I click my KT cleric, it says its transferable
  3. No Server Transfers?

    So I logged in as usual to get early runs in. Server transfers were NOT on. I said ok, maybe it will be up after, maybe its just gotta with till 8am and then magically be able to transfer. But behold. 8am came around and transfers open, I was pleased. Until i clicked my clerics name and went to transfer and realized that you, you that had waited for this forever to get off this dying server, you who has waited so patiently to actually be able to do pandora, and IDD/PF cannot because. Server TRANSFERS DIDN'T OPEN. On the website: "Between now and May 15, players on Ereshkigal will be able to transfer for free to either Katalam or Danaria. Transfers between Katalam and Danaria will be limited during this period to reduce impacts to faction balance." On the fourm: Q: I’d like to transfer some of my characters off Ereshkigal before the merge. A: I’d like to transfer some of my characters off Ereshkigal before the merge. A: Characters who meet the server transfer requirements will be able to queue for transfer from Ereshkigal to Katalam at no cost from May 1st to May 15th, with the transfers occurring during the maintenances on May 8th and May 15th. Server transfers into Ereshkigal will remain closed, and transfers from Ereshkigal to Danaria or between Danaria and Katalam will remain priced at 1600 NCoin. We aren't getting gp...ok... fine. But can we please get off this server. -An EK Resident.