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  1. Good Job Ncsoft

    You really should take her opinion more seriously.
  2. Daevanion Skills Enchant Rates

    ... Must -everything- become enchantable?
  3. Just stop

    Who receives information on Korea's end? Who receives the information that you guys send from us, to you, to them for review? This is how it works, correct? I would like to see or know how our concerns are being voiced through NCwest and Korea in terms of communicating them. I don't mean as in by phone call or e-mail. I mean how it's being worded and expressed. The conversation happening there would be phenomenal to see. That sort of transparency would give us all faith in Ncsoft, NCwest, Korea, you guys, everything... Unfortunately, I get the distinct feeling we players and consumers probably would not like what we saw... Oh well, we'll never know. :S...
  4. Transformations into Titles

    Sure wish we could turn the transformation system into a title system... Something like.. pop a Title-Scroll and it slaps on your stats temporarily... No candy, no transformation... just temporary titles. Less of them. Siigh. Should have just kept scrolls and buff pets... same bloody thing.
  5. The age of Asmo ?

    i get the feeling im going to remember Israphel for the rest of my bloody life
  6. Account Trading Items

    Ncsoft is like a bitter stepmom. "You're gonna eat what I put on your plate or you go to bed hungry." -From my diary
  7. Gameforge is kicking ncwest ass

    I feel offended. I am offended. This is beardism.
  8. Glad vs. ranged in PvP

    Moving beyond Rangers (as thats what I thought I read).... In my head it's reiteration but...dishing out as much as I can the entire fight, being a freight train (so mentally saving anything that can remove speed/root debuffs for when you need to continue applying constant pressure). I save defensive/soak skills for when I know my initial rush is running out because I know right after that, or even DURING that, when I see those dmg buffs go up or skill evasion or anything that indicates they are going to try to pop their control phase, they are going to try and make me eat dirt. Cool thing about Glads is even when we're soaking dmg our ability to interrupt the target is pretty high.. even when auto attacking. TL DR At the end of the day it's not an uphill battle. Not going to be easy. Be fast. Keep yourself able to be mobile. Live. Swing, swing, swing. Come back swinging as hard as I can.
  9. Glad vs. ranged in PvP

    It's either gonna be quick or after your CD's return. If you get the jump and hammer them it's possible to destroy them fast... but sleep is basically going to ruin your life. Wait out the blind with serious CD's but keep applying pressure, blind isn't 100% and even 1 landed lockdown can help. Go full defensive when you feel you've put enough pressure on them to sleep arrow you. Your goal is to soak damage and survive the incoming dmg. This means def prep/AoA/WoS.. whatever you need to do, but after that you need to make sure their RS is blown, CW /whatever they have to resist kd's/hold is down (should be by then if they're scrubby) and then go to nyerking town with a long-ass KD lock + lockdown followed by aether hold to finish. It's really the survival period you need to endure. Good ping, good buff timing, good control phase and it's highly possible you can quickly kill them, but really needs to be in your favour. My long-ass opinion.
  10. Thing is, they're all probably very well aware of what the state of NA is and what we are and have been saying for years. Problem is, they're probably all just about as ready to jump ship as we are. It's their job, they should be present more, but I also have no idea where their personal efforts are being focused; likely elsewhere by demand of their job descriptions. Still a damn shame.
  11. BCM JOKE 2019

    And if ncsoft is concerned... Put them on the broker at a cheap price but limit the amount you can purchase, make them untradeable... There are ways this can be done without ruining the games economy and ncsofts economy. Lots of ways to effectively go about this without making too many ripples.
  12. Hacker In Open world

    Best case scenario in a post like this is the accused is either prolific enough to be recognized by the community or various other people may be able to cross reference their independent experiences with this player as well. Otherwise, extensive (multiple, long) video evidence is probably the only thing right now that would do the job. When doing so, I would even go as far as to add clipnotes to what you're seeing, when you see it.
  13. Is there any solid way to get a hacker banned?

    But then you don't get the fun of being a secret agent Daeva, keeping tabs on the Daefia. Yes I made up a word for Daevic Mafia. Sigh.
  14. My Client always crashing "Send Log"

    Huh, interesting it's done through Geforce. That's the issue with Geforce... and why I do all my drivers myself after a DDU (not that this is driver related). Regarding FPS, don't forget to check your NCP (Nvidia Control Panel) settings under 3D graphics and turn off V-sync, if it's on... which it probably is set to adaptive which in most cases is fine. NCP is a wonderful world of magic and can also induce unyielding, blinding rage. Have fun.
  15. Is there any solid way to get a hacker banned?

    You're basically going to have to stalk whoever it is you're trying to get banned and make your Aion experience that of delivering justice upon them, full time. Enjoy.