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  1. Morphing-The End Of The Lesser Faction

    Just on the extend because you don't have a choice, and even when they do that they're going to lose out on massive amounts of PvP dmg...
  2. Server Merge

    They aren't hating on EK they're hating on you lol. EK was a dumb idea in general and by precedence. I doubt it got them very far $-wise, compared to normal servers and the compensation gear involved with them; they're going to lose money on it if the population stays down, so I would expect a merge absolutely, they're a financial company if anything, just when and how is up in the air. They'll likely either throw EK into the less populated server or cut the population in half or something weird. Anyway, point is, it'd be a really silly idea not to merge it. Then again it was silly to make it...
  3. Server Merge

    I do understand that the servers have a very low threshold for optimization. In my personal experience I have definitely noticed accumulative reductions in performance with higher numbers. IE: A siege with 500 people total vs a siege with 1,000 total (have experienced both since this patch, rough numbers). However, your estimate on your servers population is probably accurate; can't see it being a problem to merge, realistically. Still, what you're calling for is a total merge. That's what, 2,000 - 3,000 + total at sieges (on a really good day?), and that's with the current population dwindling away as it has been. Total server population cap at the moment is 5/6k which means we could handle capacity but to be honest, I don't think the servers would do terribly well... A little up in the air but it couldn't be worse than previous sieges, unless they ninja-downgraded the servers based on our lower populations. Source: Not the best PC, yours is likely better I'm sitting at a mid-tier 1070ti/FX8350. As we know this game is CPU intense, if anything but mine's not the worst CPU in the world.
  4. Why... Why mess up templars...>.>

    In a group sense it was the 10m CD's for sure, Iron Skin and EP were hugely invaluable beside BG (EP obviously wasn't there for a while). But let's be real, it's always been the Templar's ability to do damage or utilize an offensive lockdown that's what made them broken. Even when MR got nuked, we were not much less powerful because we could still do what we did best, pull someone and kill them in a single lock if a little luck was on our side, more often than not it worked.
  5. Aion Legacy server please.

    Overwatch Red Dead 2 All the Metal Gear Solid HD games available for reverse compat on Xbox One X RB6 Siege even No Man's Sky beats this now.
  6. Server Merge

    I'm not saying this to be rude, I simply don't know how to convey what I'm saying without appearing to be such; You rolled on a new server, despite the precedence of prior failed servers which did nothing for the game, spent a bunch of money knowing that (I know you anticipated this), without caring about where it was headed, realized that the new server was probably worse off than any of the private servers you've wasted money on too, and now are calling for a merge into a single server(much akin to signalling the heat death of the universe) to try and get as much for your money as you can, because you only are just now realizing the poor investment of your choice? Also could you elaborate on the difference of poor optimization and population, or rather how the two do not coincide when it comes to siege populations? I'd just like to see all this confirmed or denied.
  7. Why... Why mess up templars...>.>

    And what are your feelings about Templar pre-6.x? I also played a Templar from 3.x +.
  8. Why... Why mess up templars...>.>

    Honestly Templar before was too strong. Anyone who had a little gear, + offensive accs and a ping below 90 could do some work if they were fast at hitting buttons... That being said, they might not dish out as much dmg now but I think a geared Templar who knows his utilities and can lock/stance properly will do just fine. Biggest problem for me to accurately state that is I don't know if a lot of people are geared enough on a Templar to be able to determine if they actually had their balls cut off or if they became a normal, balanced class rather than a nuke wearing plate plus pulls.
  9. I remember

    There was drama on old-siel sometimes, pretty rarely though that it actually effected anything. For the most part I think Siel siege reps had their nyerk really figured out. Was all about the fight when we fought, from my poor memory anyway. I just signed up, went and aoe'd some kisks. We were dominated shortly after the merge for a while, it was pretty bad to the point our community didn't bother for a long time but that all changed and Siel-A did what Siel-A started doing best, destroying the other faction.
  10. How to make aion old players come back

    So you think that adjusting pvers being killed in open world by pvpers will bring back old players? You realize Aion has been this way since day 1. Literally. This isn't the problem or the incentive to bring back old players; any OG coming back is probably going to be PvP orientated because that's what's good about Aion, not the PvE... The pve is actually quite boring for the most part. Perhaps suggest a revamp on that aspect, like instances, rather than adjusting Open World which has relatively been the same forever. Granted there were separate lands for both Asmo and Elyos but rifts were almost always accessible and back then in 1.9 + you also had to deal with twinks on a regular, consistent basis. The problem isn't the PvPers Vs PvErs or trading points or crystals. Funny enough, you say you don't want a core change but that's really what Aion is at it's core... It's all the dumb mechanics and paths they keep placing in the game that don't need to be there, it's the lack of service and it's the lack of transparency and communication that has been driving people away. Patches and new content always, always bring a big burst in population back but they can never hold it. We aren't waiting for a PvP/PvE game instead of a PvPvE, we're waiting for the company to act like a company. If you want to bring back old players, bring back the old NCwest that handled the game like a product for us to enjoy and not a bank account to be squeezed dry. In a time when every other game developer and studio continues down a concerning path, now could be the time for NCsoft/NCwest to stand up and be an icon in the gaming world, by treating us as the two things we are: Gamers, and customers, not a cash cow. Hahahahaha ya right.
  11. I remember

    I don't think we do now but we used to have a player/community spotlight? I don't remember when/if it ended but it used to be a cool thing GM/CM whoever (Trine, was their name at the time I believe) would do. Like you said, once upon a time there was common engagements and discussions.
  12. Why... Why mess up templars...>.>

    templar is fun and all but glad is strong af rn if you're into melee. dump the temp!
  13. I remember

    When Aion gave me feelings, when it I looked forward to logging on, when I was excited for a patch, when there was a real pvp scene, when there was real staff, when there was a real population, when there was a real Aion.
  14. Most populated server.

    Everyone knows how poorly this game runs as it is with our current populations. Could you imagine this game with 6,000 people online each server? They would flat out BREAK. Lmfao. I wonder if the devs know the pop is so low that they can pay for the likely crappy servers we use now as it is.
  15. Tomorrow Last chance for the game.

    More often than not I see Aly trying to speak about reason and getting people to look outside of their regular, often emotionally-fueled perspectives. I think it's more that she seems to like to try and open up discussions, albeit sometimes unwarranted or un-required and I've seen things become derailed because of it. I don't think she stands for the company though, if you skim through her comments she quite often requests, expresses and denounces the same things we do. She's just not flying off in a "im the customer im right" attitude