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  1. Rank 1 Vandal here, please dont change anything about vandals until I accomplish my personal goal and beat floor 24 by the 10:00 mark Thanks!
  2. [NA-KT] Vandal SOLO PF

    Finally able to solo PF on my vandal, great class Added some quick tunes to the raw footage for any fellow vandals using it to learn (stats in video and in youtube description), enjoy!
  3. Where is my NCOIN??

    Same, cant see/use the exchange Ncoin to BC coin button in the BCM store after applying 1200 ncoin code. Tried relogging, switching chars, switching servers, nothing. Cant buy prestige, cant buy luna, cant select retune new gear, cant reset instances, cant run things twice/5th time since prestige ran out earlier this week.. On the aion site I see 1200 ncoin on my account, just no way to convert it to bcc to use. Compensation worthy bug? Good thing its not a week with a bunch of new content that people want to run many times to get new stuff...
  4. State of The Game

    Whale here (thousands, multiple mains), definitely wont be financially supporting this game anymore if we cant even get status updates on mission critical gameplay bugs. Highly disappointed and definitely rethinking game choice.
  5. KT not giving AP

    Also not working for me either, even used 160 luna to reset Heiralym Mine two different runs and no AP from mobs