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  1. Quiting game

    I'm aware of the this. Happened to me all the time while I was a teen. While its not prevalent now, still happens. Pena's English isnt very good so I believe you mistook her narrative for "I'm a girl! Be nice to me!" When she just didn't want to be called a guy. I'm also from EK. Wasnt the main game plan since I intended to go back to DN but I chose EK to have a fresh start. I know how the situation was. I wanted to hear the answer from her directly but I think she's pretty much over it. Keep forgetting to turn on the notifcations for this thread. Not used to posting on the forums. x.x
  2. Quiting game

    That's not what I'm asking. I'm aware of what lion's cage means. To refer to someone being trapped with a dangerous threat with an unfair advantage. Im asking why you believe being on KT is like that. I'm aware that the Elyos outnumber us now but its not as bad as it was on IS when you were on the Asmo side (Enshar still makes me paranoid despite us being on 6.7) Also on the whole gender thing. I dont believe Pena was correcting peeps calling her a guy because of "durhurhur special privileges" or "mah identity" its just sometimes odd or funny being referred to as a guy when you're a girl. I didnt expect the thread to blow up because of this lol.
  3. Quiting game

    I just giggled. Too cute.
  4. Quiting game

    Sorry to hear you're quitting Pena. But I'm a bit confused when you say we were trapped in a lion's cage because we became merged with KT. A lot of people quit EK for multiple reasons. One of them being a lack of PvP since we outnumered the Elyos hardcore. Another reason was because they geared up and ran the same 2 instances a billion times and got bored. And rng. Because lets face it, Aion's RNG sucks cobblestone pebbles. When you think about it, and if you've been preparing yourself for the merge by gearing up your char, saving up kinah, stones, etc. We're almost equal with the Elyos in terms of gear and players (excluding those who have compensation gear but I rarely encounter them and we have our own players who have it too.) But thats just my opinion. Can you clarify further what you mean about "being trapped in a lion's cage"?
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 22, 2019

    If you already have an ely on one account/server you can't transfer them to the asmo side. You'll either have to delete that particular character to join the asmo side or make a new account.