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  1. Regarding Server Transfers

    Well, at the beggining it was what we expected, fresh server with a good amount of players, turns out, server is dead now, so it's really bad keeping people locked in here. It's pretty simple to me, they tried to open a new server for new people, it didn't work out, so now something has to be done, you can't just lock the players in here. The reason why I didn't roll on the other servers is simple. They made a game rework which removed most old functions and items, but oh, guess what? old servers still have the skin item skills, broken economy, and they start at full ultimate gear! Hurray! Yeah I was definetely not coming back from 3+ years of not playing to that.
  2. Regarding Server Transfers

    Oh god... why, just why is EK not allowed to transfer? There is no point in being a new server with 0 players, as Niewdex said, there are barely any groups for instances at this point...
  3. Regarding Server Transfers

    Please.. enable transfers for EK server. Every week more and more players quit due to the lack of things to do here. All we have to do here is PvE. At least for me, the fun in Aion is in PvP. We rolled here in this server because all of the other servers economy is completely trashed, but at the moment, it's impossible to play here. You go out for PvP and there is no one, literally no one roaming around. It's the most boring thing ever... Anyway, I beg you @Cyan please, talk to your colleagues, I don't know, just don't leave EK out of the transfer plans. Thank you