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  1. Hi all!

    I am a returning player, so have lost all my names for my characters, but not stressing about that. Last night I logged in for the first time in ages only to find-obviously- that my previous characters were gone. The server I could enter had 2 left which I had to delete as it wouldn't let me do anything else with them- all good, I just created a new character (so I could start new with my friends who just downloaded the game).

    Today I logged in on my pc and, as my dumb luck has it, all my old characters are back with the new one gone. I realise that the old ones were all merged onto one server, but I had no option to go onto any other servers and therefore couldn't retrieve my new character. I also had to reset my pin for my characters last night but it's not working on the server with the old characters xD

    So my questions are: is there a way to enter a server via a search action or can you only get to the ones the game shows when I log in, and why would my pin have reverted for the old characters?

    Thanks :)

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