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    So normally I just use the forums to monitor game updates, and I'm definitely not one to complain often. However I gotta be honest I both love and hate the compensation we got for the recent officer/AP/GP bug. At season reset when the bug first hit I took my glad into everything I could trying to climb the ranks as fast as possible. I think most of us did. And it didn't take us long to figure out we were getting screwed by the bug. Before any posts were answered I decided to try and see if it was char based or account based. Very quickly my glad reached officer 4 and my cleric reached officer 1. As soon as officer was reached the AP stopped. The posts then came out explaining what the bug was. Now the compensation was great for the char you were playing on. But there are some of us who purposefully avoided any event that would give us GP. We suffered for three weeks desperate to earn AP with a very limited amount of options to do so. Three weeks of paying for prestige without being able to access half of the things that I enjoy in this game just so my ranger wouldn't be held back. Again the compensation given to the chars that reached officer regardless of what officer rank was amazing 12 red stones and 37mill ap. That's a big deal. But, had we been informed in a timely manner what the compensation was going to be, I for one would not have limited myself. As it is now my ranger was able to claw his way into genisis pvp gear and upgrade the armor to legendary while my accessories are still ancient. Had I known I was going to suffer even more I would not have limited myself. Am I the only one that avoided GP events for the sake of char progression? Now I'm not saying "give me free stuff". But can't myself and others like me get something, at the very least a free month of prestige for the simple fact that most of the month the content was ruined.