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  1. Help me catch up a bit?

    It did! Along with poison which is kind of nifty. I feel like I don't walk faster then everyone else though I shall be careful to avoid the temptation of shiney new skins..maybe.
  2. Help me catch up a bit?

    You are an absolutely wonderful and amazing person I definitely will be saving my old gear because it has some of my old now unavailable skins attached to it and I'm not losing those! I'll switch myself over to the new gears so that way I can at least run a dungeon or two. I am super happy that they finally did away with the awful destroyed gear system. Honestly that was probably the major thing that pushed me to the quitting point or I might have stayed with the game. That and the insane p2w going on, but I doubt that has changed much and I have a grudging acceptance of it. I have tons of potions that were recycled items from whatever they were when I quit so at least I have something because you are totally right. I hate my walking speed *cries*. I'm not sure where I sit on the kinah scale now. I was well enough off when I quit but with the changes in kinah and economies and such I'm not really sure how far 6bil goes anymore Stellin's Lab is what I need to avoid then. I didn't want to apply to lfg groups for something way over my head. I remember starting things like EB in bm gear wayyyy back in the day which is still traumatizing and then eventually moving on to tank IS for everyone because templars didn't exist after getting proper gear. I'm hopefully still smart enough to know my limitations (but probably reckless enough to ignore them sometimes). Going to see if I can track a friendly sin down in game to figure out why my sprinting is broken
  3. So I reinstalled Aion for nostalgic reasons yesterday and am a bit lost. My Aion Background: I played all the way from 3.5 to 5.8 (I think?) Last time I played Adma and Theo were cool again for higher levels and Norsvold was the place to be while you grind mobs for years because 75 was like months of works. Correct me if I am wrong on what version I made it to. I mained an assassin and had an alt cleric and songweaver (along with every other class that I did not really play). From what I am reading my old +13 purified IS gear is obsolete along with the progress I made on the Labyrinth gear (That broke my heart) along with my +13 shepards pvp set . Also equipped is a few DD accessories, IS accessories, a mix of BM, ID and officier accessories, +10 Marchutan's bracelet, +5 upgrade marchutan's plume (where it looks gold), Vasharti's wings, and the Special Elite ambassador wings (pvp). Let me know if I should hang onto any of that. I also have pretty much any enhancement item from 5.8 so tempering solutions, enchantment stones (black), omega enchantment stones, supplement bags, the (at the time) newer enchant stones that were will, power, precision, knowledge, etc. the uh two trait manastones (like damage/crit). I have no idea if any of these items are still useful or relevant. I picked up a set of gear from the BCM which was listed as free: [Event] Legendary Risiel gear. Is this worth putting anything into especially seeing as I don't have up to date gear? About the Assassin: What the heck happened to blood rune? And Vampyric Slash? Do we have any self healing skill for while soloing anymore? What the heck happened to dash attack? It's a chain off massacare now? Was rune burst, searching eye, and calming whisper removed? Do assassins still tank things like the awesome beasts they once were? Most importantly why does sprinting keep telling me "Property skill unavailable?" What the heck does that mean? Some general questions: Purple gear is no longer the best? Does gear still break enchanting it? Where did running scrolls/attack scrolls/crit scrolls go? Is aetherforging worth doing now that they removed crafting? (RIP my hours mastering every crafting on different alts) What dungeons would I expect to be able to run? Which dungeons aren't worth doing at all? What are considered the top gearing dungeons now? Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to answer even a part of these or points me in the right direction for more information. I've been exploring and trying to learn things as much as possible myself but getting a few questions cleared up would help a lot.