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  1. bug lvl.10 quest "Speading Wings"

    I am fascinated and touched in the see this great love of which your devotion to other is full. I have to thank for having had this little hitch in this quest because in this way I entered the forum and I was able to come into contact with a person (YOU!!!!) who, not only limits himself to helping people, but manages to communicate with that special sensibility from which traspires and trasmits warmth, affection and so much love for Others. Thank you for all!
  2. bug lvl.10 quest "Speading Wings"

    I tried again. Before I flew through the portals counterclockwise and it didn't registering. Then I flew through the portals clockwise and it DID REGISTERING! I FINISHED the quest! It's nice to know you are so close to me and we're not alone! You're very good… wonderful! Lots of kisses with all my heart!
  3. bug lvl.10 quest "Speading Wings"

    It isn't registering when I fly through the portals!
  4. bug lvl.10 quest "Speading Wings"

    HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I recently came back to the game. I have opened a new character because I love to do the quests. Unfortunately at lvl. 10 there is a quest that is a bug: "[Tutorial]Speading Wings". In this quest I must to talk to n.p.g. Deadalus; I have to fly (it's beautiful to fly) within a time….but there is a bug because I cannot finish the quest….