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  1. i would be interested in what the CM thinks about this topic given the current state of the game and people's view on the current patch. @Cyan
  2. I would love to see a master server. I get u cant have a classic/master server and keep adding new stuff to it or it loses the classic/master server vibe, so why couldnt you label it a progressive old school server to get away from the whole master server thing? You could start at patch 1.8, and after a while start introducing new patches continuing for as long a people keep playing, stopping at around 4.8 as that's when I feel the game started going very downhill. Seeing how populated the KR server was, I imagine it could work especially if they implement the QOL updates of current aion and d
  3. pretty much agree with everything here, im just wondering like i know they probably need approval from the koreans on making a classic server like this but is that it? im curious about what would be the whole process ie. monetization n stuff. @Cyan can you shed some light on this?
  4. for me the only thing i liked about 5.x was arena of tenacity, evergale canyon was alright.
  5. i agree, wish there was a server we could play set in that time.
  6. yeah i had alot of fun late 2.0 def some of the best times for me.
  7. just wondering if you had a chance to play a past patch with the quality of life updates aion has currently, which patch would it be. Mine would probably be late 2.x or early 3.0
  8. they took them from the store slightly before they brought out the leader boards in game
  9. Player vs. Player (PvP) is my main interest in Aion. I enjoy the content enough, that despite the game's current state, I still log in everyday for a PvP session-- even more so on the weekends. The current patch offers a weekly set of the following: Five runs of Arena of Discipline, Arena of Harmony, Arena of Chaos; Two runs of Hall of Tenacity (only during weekends); Two runs of Grand Hall of Tenacity. However, after all these, PvP oriented players are left with no other content. Open world PvP is an option, and I'm certain that any PvPer enjoys a bit of it. However, there is no real inc
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