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  1. I think I saw that video before too. Problem is that we did try that on monsters lower than our lvl (they were lvl 41) later too and it was still the same. Even on lvl 1 dummy, we're hitting lower that what it says on the skill info.
  2. My friend and I wanted to see what was the difference between our old gears and the new ones so we decided to test our damage vs monsters in open world/dungeons. We were confused on what were the difference between Weapon Damage and Physical Attack/Magical Attack and after testing difference stuff we figured that Weapon Damage was for auto-attacks. Thinking that Physical attack would be for skills damage, we were surprised to find that no matter what was our Physical Attack/Magical Attack, the skill damage on monsters were still the same. First Video compares old weapon with new weapon.
  3. Look at the image. BCM info and in-game info are both saying two different things... I bought this because of the BCM info. https://imgur.com/a/xCBXR1s
  4. Hello, @Cyan there is also an issue with [Souvenir] Trophy Wiinner. BCM info and in-game info is not the same. One says account warehouse and legion warehouse allowed while the other says the opposite. Thank you! http://
  5. I don't know if I'm the only one that have this issue but I tried to buy that skin through different browsers as well and it's not working. I always get the same error. I contacted support and there solutions doesn't help at all. Solutions given by support : 1) GM MarieThursday at 10:24 Hello, I would like you to try an advanced repair of the Aion game client. To do this: Browse to your Aion folder (default: C:\Program Files (x86)\NCsoft\Aion) Locate and delete the folders"BIN32" "BIN64" "DATA" and "L10N" Double click on the Aion Shortcut on your deskt
  6. I did it through the website as well. It doesn' work. Same goes for the Mastarius' Plate armor skin.
  7. Is there a way to get that armor. It seems that it's not working when I try to purchase it through the BCM in game or on the website store. I always get an error message. I already submitted a ticket to the support team but it doesn't look like they know how to fix the problem. https://ibb.co/cMiLed https://ibb.co/mpDaCy
  8. Ty all for your replies. I guess my luck is just bad lol. And to just make sure, all these omegas are the one I got trough events since like 4.8-5.0.
  9. Hello all, I just wanted to know if it's normal that I am so unlucky with enchanting gears with omega stones. I've been trying to enchant my gears (5 pieces of armors + mace and shield) to +20 since forever and so far I've used 402 omegas stones... 99 on just my shield and it is still +15... Any ways of having higher chances with enchanting!? I'm seeing people make it to +20 rather easily.
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