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  1. https://lineage2m.plaync.com/#media
  2. Future of Aion 2 will be cross platform ?

    About time.. good by AION.. hello L2 baby.. love that game.
  3. Vandal’s Gear Pack reward???

    Hi there, I would like to inform you that we're still in the process of granting the Pack to the eligible players. Your patience and understanding is appreciated. For the meantime, if you have other questions or requests, feel free to let us know. Kind regards, I think we might be getting somewhere - back to the start? lol
  4. Vandal’s Gear Pack reward???

    And yes it was from Support - I put in a ticket on it and that was there response - Transparency is what I am looking for here - NCSoft what gives? Not even your GM's know what's going on.
  5. Vandal’s Gear Pack reward???

    Here is the answer to the vandal gear box. The Vandal’s Gear Pack was already delivered to the players who logged in from August 21 to 28 to be eligible for the kit. If you were eligible, you should be able to see the pack in your mailbox or in the Black Cloud Deliveries tab since last August 30.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    What about our Vandal Gears? and Skins? when this happen? what's the ETA now?
  7. quitting again

    I really like the new update - having fun again
  8. Who really cares - NCSoft ruins all its MMOS.. they don't listen to there audience - we the players -
  9. Give us Aion Classic please

    we just want to start over no? like L2 Classic servers were full for like 6 months - till new games come out lol.
  10. Still do not have 1 legendary devanion skill

    yea I know the feeling.. I think what people are doing is buying Luna - to run those COE instances , and only run it solo with someone to hold group that way you don't have to share the drop with anyone go figure right? That's one work around I guess.
  11. AION 2 Mobile

    WOW I am laughing so heard tears are coming out - WHAT A JOKE HAHAHA.. Really NcSoft.. L2 Develop. Just deleted it off my I phone rofl..
  12. Transformation Scroll upon Death

    On Death transformation should not be lost - until time expires - this gets expensive $$$$$$$... not good for us but maybe you guys.
  13. I wish they would put the shards back in the NPC as a purchase item, and if they are going to give us some quest armor or weapon put attack speed, casting speed, and run speed on them.. I hate the transformation - I sure miss all my run scrolls , and other scrolls - I really don't understand the changes.