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  1. Transformation Scroll upon Death

    On Death transformation should not be lost - until time expires - this gets expensive $$$$$$$... not good for us but maybe you guys.
  2. I wish they would put the shards back in the NPC as a purchase item, and if they are going to give us some quest armor or weapon put attack speed, casting speed, and run speed on them.. I hate the transformation - I sure miss all my run scrolls , and other scrolls - I really don't understand the changes.
  3. Aion 7.0 Skill Changes

    When will aion 2 come out can’t wait to start over.
  4. Grazt NC Soft you win

    Honestly I’d rather have my scrolls back don’t care much about transformations not everyone wants look like a dork playing this game. Just saying
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 7, 2018

    So what so great about this Update? I see Lineage 2 Classic kills this game ,and its so old :O.
  6. 1. when a player is afk for lets say 40 secs auto kick buy game. 2. when kicked you are penalized as I now see if you just quit the EC instance you are not allowed to join again for 10 mins - good. 3. there should be a curse on you , and it will name you as Quitter , that allows you not to enter another instance in game till it wears off - 15 mins. 4. Just my two cents.
  7. Aion August Preview - Updated 8/21

    NCHard we really need the 4X xp event again with some kind of Lucky Stars off mobs or bosses , also add 100% xp Lucky Amulets or even 200% Amulets from bosses Just saying..oh and one more thing lets get this event to go for like 2 weeks to make sure we have lots of lvl 75 Players going into version 6.0+
  8. Is Aion worth playing

    I think the game failed personally but that's me - I really enjoy lineage 2 almost 2k player base and tons of stuff to do , Aion well low population , I will say this it is a beautiful game but the game play - to many hacks can make you quit. One time I was on Siel server and we did a siege , and no kidding we saw players flying in the sky that's when I said you know I don't need this game anymore. Maybe they have fixed some of the hacking not sure but just my two cents about Aion.