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  1. Hi, Is there a way to rename my old 2nd generation of characters? Seems all were renamed w/ numbers & letters? These are not my original characters since the beginning of Aion w/ in-game bonus gear - when I did return prior some of them were still around and I had left the game to come back in 2015... my game codes could not be used nor game bonuses I'm guessing because of F2P? All of my original 1st gen characters were gone and created news ones on 2 servers as the old servers no longer there... this is my 3rd return hoping that player balances is fair unlike the beginning and that "ganking" parties on low level players and raids are more balanced and the other issues of farming bots or attacking bots w/ god-mode/ ultra speed are eliminated or is under control?!? So, far there is positive reviews to come back to Aion as I know there are players who had stuck with Aion from the beginning and stayed with it...