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  1. @Kibbelzyour reply seems to indicate that you guys are mixing up the kinah exploit (which involves entering the quest instance, distinctly separate from normal SR) and people re-entering their still open SR instance to farm the hairpin quest. The kinah exploit involves repeatedly abandoning a quest and reaccepting it to move in and out of the instance, no cool down is triggered. The hairpin repeats involves moving in and out of the instance via normal means, completing the quest and reaccepting it. Note, NOT abandoning the quest. This is clearly within the normal game mechanics and
  2. So basically everyone told you you're wrong about the meteor "hack" and you're posting a totally unrelated video that has nothing to do with the situation to prove...what exactly? That hacks exist? Dude, you died to the environment in the game and you're ranting about everything under the sun while blaming it on my legion. Let it go.
  3. That's the Kysis meteor dude, go fly there next to the arti for a few minutes, it will kill you again. The visual effect of the meteors don't match their hit box, if you are in the path of a meteor, you might die before or after the visual effect passes. That's just the way it is.
  4. Dude I'm pretty sure you're ranting about mechanics you don't quite grasp. Nobody controls the meteors lol. That being said, nobody is allowed to hack or bot in my legion, send me proof and I'll deal with it.
  5. Just kidding. You IS Asmos have a leadership problem, not a numbers problem. Find someone who actually knows how to siege and have them lead your league, whoever has been doing it up until this point is...bad. Rush the arti room and kisk, while the Elyos hold the surrounding artifacts? BAD. Ignore the artifacts in the core and let the Elyos pump you with temporal stones and wipe your kisks? BAD. Attack the gates at Siel's East and West instead of going to the secret entrance? BAD. Have multiple Asmos live streaming your league chat, kisk locations, and telling everyone that
  6. This is a thread to gather feedback, not complain. Korea had a bunch of surveys and weekend XP buffs running that helped keep people engaged. Kibbels suggested a feedback thread would be appropriate here to see what people thought, here it is.
  7. How's the current grind treating you and your friends? Let's get some focused feedback.
  8. I agree with the positive comments in this thread, current version of Aion sucks. Aion Classic is the way to go!
  9. Adding my support for a classic server in NA. Come on NCWest!!
  10. Adding my support for a classic server in NA. Come on NCWest!!
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