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  1. Thank you for the reminder and for taking the time to make a video, Rag. As a housing enthusiast and one who has spent a great deal of my time and money on this hobby, I find it utterly revolting that this 'consolidation' is being handled in such poor fashion.
  2. A housing reset on a consolidated server would actually breathe some excitement into this extremely difficult situation. Likewise, a global name reset encourages both new and seasoned players to log in and play. These elements promote competition and allow everyone a chance at something. Being offered the adventure of a fresh new start with a larger player base is much better than feeling like you are being served your final cocktail on a sinking ship.
  3. Hello. I want to make sure I am reading this correctly when you say that Danaria is merging into Katalam. Does this mean that only the people on Danaria will be affected by name changes and housing loss? Many people care about their names. Many people care about their housing locations. I am in complete agreement that the servers need a merge. The current player base is too small to play the game as it was intended. However, in fairness, upon the merge I would like to suggest that you make a clean sweep of the housing market and require everyone to rebid on housing locations.
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