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  1. I think the community is still waiting for a response on this. 3400 BC Coin for 10 ancient pvp stones is grossly overpriced, is the current pricing a mistake? If the currently pricing is intentional can you please justify why NC believes this is a fair price. It has been over a week since these stones have been added with this pricing and no communication regarding the concerns people have with it. As a long time player and someone who frequently buys items off the BCM i'm feeling pretty disrespected right now that nothing has been said.
  2. Any change to the pricing on the PVP stones on the BCM? The current pricing is unreasonable.
  3. Please be more clear that this is sarcasm, this team is so out of touch they might believe you are actually praising this blatant price gouging.
  4. If you mouse over the persons name you can choose to ignore them.
  5. @Cyan Please let whoever made the decision on this pricing know that this is extremely unreasonable. It should be 4k or whatever for 20 legendary stones just like it used to be for Omega enchantment stones which are almost the same thing.
  6. Unfortunately unless you luna spam instances and get super lucky it will take you 6 months to get enough grade A minium to upgrade the minion. Need more ways to get A minium or increase the %. They could make prestige coins useful by giving you more than 1 A minium per 100 coins also.
  7. Unrestricted transfers? So KT asmos and DN elyos are going to leave their servers and make the imbalances even greater? This is a pretty bad idea.
  8. It wouldn't make sense for them to lower the enchant rates. They should want you to get the Ultimate version of the pvp gear so that you can spend the insane $2 per roll trying to max the stats.
  9. Any chance you can change the level 80 Manastone boxes to be a manastone of your choice? Using 20 gold ingots or doing the luna daily 7 times for the bonus weekly quest and then opening the manastone box and getting a parry manastone is kind of ridiculous.
  10. "Please disregard OP and his band of beggars. Asmodians get him and the WB as well because they make a real effort instead of sitting around on their asses and complain about it looking for free handouts instead. My guess, these are probably the same band of losers who stand either in the back of the crowd or at the outpost and complain about Elyos not pushing or getting pushed back to the outpost during sieges. I don't want free handouts, I rather see real effort get made or continue not being able to craft ultimate gear. If you find this offensive then good, quit complaining and start do
  11. This is a step in the right direction, thanks.
  12. Yeah the spawn window is terrible and I agree that the boss shouldn't be really the source of ultimate kibrium. I just won't listen to excuses that DN-E doesn't have the bodies because its total bs.
  13. DN-E had close to 150 in their league last night and would have easily taken anomos had it spawned during that time. Elyos wiped our camp multiple times, to say that DN-E is the weak faction and unable to take the boss is a bad joke and insulting to the Elyos. You don't need NC help you just need to show up and not quit.
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