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  1. Hello Guys a question i'm Level 25 Twink... i have 214.099 AP.. if i kill one mob i cant got more AP.. and i cant up to 1 STARR OFFICER.. GM'S your kidding me i need lv 30-40? for up to star officer????? I lasted so long farming AP to be a twink level 25 (1 star official) and I can't .. I find this a mockery XD https://ibb.co/6v105T1
  2. I obviously have the siel aura active.
  3. I have a doubt. To be able to change the crowns, is a specific level necessary? It seems absurd to me ... that they do not let me change the crowns or in the core as in the reshanta city... if any admin can help me thanks!!!
  4. Hello. I would like to know if this mini boss is active, I have been looking for it for days but I can't see it since it drops a level 24 boots with speed. If any administrator could verify if it is really active, thank you.
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