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  1. luna gives you the transparent scrolls and you can get an ancient transformation contract from this current event
  2. Festering wound / Word of Destruction / Juggernaut cannon / Fleshcutter Arrow if you have 2 of those on you at the same time its 100% debuff instead of 50%
  3. 9 seconds for a sorc is completely reasonable it is the damage god class
  4. Killed the boss instantly Must be a GM
  5. the only reason dior got his to 5 is because he petitioned it back a few times he broke it quite a bit if i remember correctly
  6. for pve you want to hit 1400 crit with food / scrolls depending on the food you use and i would just get apollon gear socketed with power / prec 6 stones
  7. This godstone is mostly for melee dps the only thing that changes the damage it does is PvE attack %
  8. @Cyan Have you looked into competition rankings being busted yet?
  9. @Cyan have them look into competition ranking all of them are broken except for Arena of Discipline
  10. i just want to get the transcendant tempering or the +10 manastone bundles but the ranking is broken >.< its only working for discipline tenacity / cruci spire / event are all broken
  11. You guys broke Competition Rankings somehow. It was working on Wednesday stopped on Thursday.
  12. Your whining will help you a lot as well because it won't change anything
  13. Punishing 1 person wouldn't stop anyone from rolling. If you think your friends get nyerked over as well then you might think about rolling
  14. You might not like the fact that we punish whole legions but we are trying to get the hairpins to classes that could benefit the most... You say we're doing it because of greed but its not as greedy as people who want it for the skin and have no use for it other than that. More than half of the people that come to sunayaka do almost nothing and roll anyways. Also everything is trash in 6.0 so why bother playing at all? Here are some dps meters from a few of the boss kills. Even as a chanter i outdps majority of the faction https://imgur.com/a/wqCPb https://imgur.com/a/PdsnW
  15. You wanted to have a fair go but you knowingly abused the support ticket system to get an advantage over other players
  16. Why would ncsoft allow you to get 5 types of +12 manastones when they only released 1 stone per server
  17. so is this an aeros quitting essay or not
  18. you should've banned johngunmad and none of this would've happened
  19. to be honest does the economy even matter when everything is gone when 6.0 comes out
  20. can't edit my post again but
  21. The only event that gave out +12 manastones was the stigma enchanting event. How do you let your gm's give Johngunmad anything he wants? He is abusing a gm or has a gm friend. He's also selling them on danaria too. There could only be 2 types of +12 manastones but he has 5
  22. it's actually all based on a timer mark of ascension / calamity starting at 50% and harvester / tower at 25% if you do it right you can get them seperated not same time
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