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  1. NCSOFT is going to disspoint us again?

    Not to burst your bubble, but it's really not clickbait? It has to do with a promotional image... from Korea. Plus it's just concept art of the mage armor.
  2. This is actually really helpful for new and returning players alike. It would be really amazing if this was translated and added to the Game Guides section of this site (when 6.0/6.2 releases, ofc). Since, ya know, everything in those game guides is pretty irrelevant and incredibly outdated.
  3. Character and Legion Name Ownership Policy

    Wait, what? So if after the merge I want a brand new name for a fresh start more or less, say 'John' for example, but it was previously taken I can't use that name? Even if I log in and get it first? Am I understanding this correctly? If so, that's extremely silly.
  4. Crucible Spire reset change or bug?

    I had the exact same bug two weeks ago. On the 20th my main character's transfer to Siel went through. It was also the day the double exp event started, and I wanted to run my spire's to get as much exp as possible. However, that bug prevented me from doing so. I sent in a ticket to support and they did absolutely nothing. I can post their response here if that would help, though. Did you transfer? Or is it just a random bug? Either way, support wasn't helpful and I'm afraid you might have to wait till next week for everything to fix itself (which is what I had to do. Not the worst thing in the world, but unfortunate).
  5. @Cyan/Hime Fallen Poeta exploit

    I actually saw your video on Youtube earlier today about not being able to solo this. I wanted to try it myself just bc I was curious, and I thought maybe on a cleric it'd be easier. Nah, absolutely not. It's not possible to solo period. I wonder if NCSoft isn't looking into this because, fundamentally, it's not a bug or issue with the instance itself. It's people who hack while in the instance that is making this a problem, and unfortunately NC doesn't deal with hackers like they should. This is something that could easily be checked, and I mean look at all the new 75s popping up, let alone those standing in front of the FP entrance. It speaks for itself.
  6. Doubt about event xp 400%

    You have to keep clicking the cake till you get both. As far as I know, the only time you'll resist one of the buffs is if you already have it. Like if you have 20 minutes left of the exp buff and you want to renew it, you have to wait the full 20 minutes otherwise you'll just keep resisting the exp buff from the cake.
  7. SEND LOG errors in Smoldering fire temple

    People made a thread in the general discussion forum about this too. Cyan said the team is looking into it and that changing your client to the 32bit version may help in the mean time. Others have said they tried that, but it didn't do anything but lag their game and inevitably it crashed regardless.
  8. What's wrong with SFT?

    Also just ran two runs and crashed. I get send logs sometimes when I run arenas, but not this often. Something's definitely up, thanks for letting us know the team's investigating though, Cyan!
  9. Worst Customer Service

    Sorry people aren't really sympathetic to your situation, but I can't really blame them. I definitely understand wanting to transfer to another server in order to meet new people/make new friends, but if the people who just started playing on their home server TM again are your close friends... wouldn't you guys have discussed earlier that they're coming back to the game? Yet you transferred, and immediately after transferring your close friends decide to start playing again and now you want to go through the process of transferring back, even though NC has went ahead and said that transfers are not intended to be to TM, BR, or KR, only away from them. So even if they said open, they shouldn't be. NC's support hasn't always been the best, but in this case they're certainly in the right. Especially because these are free, courtesy, transfers, I don't think you went ahead and paid the full transfer price for this. Just have your friends transfer to IS, they'll be heading there anyway.
  10. Aion September Preview

    I really like seeing the monthly previews, it's nice to actually have an idea of what'll happen in game. Ty Cyan!
  11. What about the new hairstyles introduced in 5.6

    Me too! I hope they just start making the BCM better in general. It's not horrible by any means, but they're extremely slow at updating the shop with new items and removing outdated items as well. I was browsing it yesterday and looked at the Bona Fide Enchantment bundles and how they still offer Epsilons... which don't exist anymore with the recent patches. They could make a lot more money if they put a little more effort into the BCM, and I definitely hope they do.
  12. New Server Name Suggestions

    I actually really hate the idea of Katalam and Danaria being server names, and I hope they're not picked. I loved the maps, but I believe it was mentioned that Korea was considering bringing one of them back bc they were so loved by everyone. It'd be awkward, and locations as server names just aren't my cup or tea anyway. Then again they could always just name it something else but idk we'll see. However, I really like keeping the tradition of naming servers after dragon lords/npcs/bosses. The Padmarashka, Ereshekigal, Apsu, Sematuriux, Omega/Ragnorok (Ing and Gelk world bosses) are all super cool and nice and definitely get my vote.
  13. No please!

    I'm pretty sure there's an option under graphic settings to turn off skill animations, so if they bother you or anyone else that much you can just do that.
  14. Bring back Katalam and Danaria

    Katalam and Danaria were two of the best maps in this game. I started playing near the end of 3.7, so the 4.0-4.5 content is what I'm most familiar with, and I adored them. I think what made those camps so great were the blood mark camps, so people were nearly always there to pvp, and the fort sieges. On one hand, I'm glad Korea decided to consolidate the fortresses. There were too many between Gelk/Ing, Katalam/Danaria, and the Upper Abyss/Eye. Now, however, I do hope they either bring back those old maps (just updated to fit with w/e theme they're going for) or create new ones with maybe one fort each as well as add other activities for people to do, like the blood mark camps, so there's a reason for players to be out and about. The old maps just felt so alive and active. Illuma and Norsvold don't at all. Outside of capital cities they're almost completely empty, save for the few pvpers who show up from time to time.
  15. No please!

    How will they ruin the game? They're pretty cute and nothing p2w. Early on Aion had alternate skill books for certain skills that changed the effect/animation of skills (sleep: scarecrow for example, or the ranger krall transformation). They're completely optional. If you want the normal skill animations use them, others want something fun/new.