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  1. Ok, I definitely understand the manastones issue because both servers are suffering from that. However, I will give a tip on making kinah. Once you guys hit 50 (or is it 51), make a class or use a class that can solo lower udas temple. Kill the jotuns, get a Jotun key and go loot the chest at the end by debilkarim. With siels aura it will give between 1.8m and 4.5m (that I've noticed) if you're solo. It is by far the easiest way to farm kinah atm, and since you can run it 7 times you'll make decent kinah, especially on a brand new server. If you don't have a class that can solo, just duo with a chanter/cleric.
  2. What Jake said 1000%. Paying $20 for manastones that we, mostly, can't even choose ourselves is an absolutely horrible decision. You guys could have made the manastones pass actually worth our money, but you chose not to. The selection boxes from previous events that give 5 stones and you can select which stats you want would have been fantastic, but of course NC fumbles yet again.
  3. EU will get it, but it will likely not be out for another year. EU is currently on a modified 1.9 patch, and will stay there for at least another couple months before moving on to 2.0. The new class is coming out on a 2.7 patch, so there's a big gap in updates.
  4. It's hilarious that it took 6 weeks to completely fix the medal issues. Idk, I'm just so tired of NCWest not being a functional company, not hiring competent workers, and not communicating with their players. EU Classic could very well go down the same route, but I'm willing to give Gameforge a chance. They at least have CMs and GMs interacting with people, hosting streams, etc. It's something.
  5. I'm pretty sure Primali works on another NCSoft title, maybe Guild Wars or Blade&Soul, and they were just asked to make an account on the Aion forums and post weekly maintenance notes. I don't think they have anyone actually working on Aion Retail or Classic at this point. Doesn't excuse that they can't even do their job correctly, though. That's embarrassing @Primali.
  6. In other news since NCWest does not care about NA Aion anymore, Classic or Retail, Aion EU Classic will come out in a few weeks! Probably mid April. If you guys don't mind having a bit higher ping or getting exitlag or anyother ping reducer and still happen to enjoy Aion, try it out. Gameforge at least has CMs and GMs interacting with the playerbase.
  7. Void Trials? Isn't that a retail event? You can't even copy and paste the correct maintenance notes, NCWest staff is literally the worst lmao.
  8. There is no way the compensation is 2x Crowns. Is this a joke?
  9. ??? Because both the 2.0 and 2.4 update were within 4 months of each other. 2.4 came out at the end of September and it is now nearing the end of January, which means if the 4 month schedule for updates is real we should be getting 2.5. If, instead, NC waits for this next daeva pass to end we'll get 2.5 in February. 5 months after 2.4. And sorry, but 5 months for an udate which doesn't bring THAT many new things is absolutely absurd, especially considering how low the NA population is to begin with. The ONLY reason it would be acceptable to wait a bit longer is if they're not only doing 2.5, but also including the new class. Otherwise almost half a year for ONE update is insane and incredibly stupid on NCWests part. I know they don't usually make the best decisions anyways, but still.
  10. Of course I'll be complaining every week they mess up. You can continue to be mad about it LOL. Sorry mate, not dropping personal info in a public thread. Feel free to dm me here though. Lol? Next month we're getting 2.5 so don't worry, I'll still be here. There's always stuff to work towards bud. Increasing drops rates for eternals doesn't mean a guaranteed drop, like the event they did previously. Nothing is guaranteed, but keep crying about it. Sure, except all you're doing is complaining about pvp it doesn't matter what you say my dude, locking paying players out of endgame content for days at a time is a nyerk poor move by any game developer, that's it. You cannot argue yourself out of that box you put yourself in.
  11. LMAOOO this is one of the dumbest comments I've read in a very long time, so hats off to you. Hre's a lesson for you - saying people don't want cable gear, which are outdated as of 1.x,patches from over half a year ago, is more of an ask for the community than it will ever be for myself. I grind for all my gear, since you mention people selling l/r it seems more like you're the person who doesn't grind and just outright buys it, probably because you can't get a group for anything yourself. Unfortunate. And LMAOOO the complaining about pvp!! Hahaha that's incredibly rich. Pvp will always have it's imbalances, there will always be groups out doing dailies/weeklies, transforming won't go away, etc. That's the nature of the game?? Are you new, by chance? So yes, being completely locked out of THE core aspect of the game (as per the KR devs on their livestream weeks ago, which talked about the roadmap for classic for the next week) no matter how you feel about it, is completely unacceptable. Just because you can't perform well in pvp and clearly don't enjoy it, doesn't mean the rest is us can't and don't. Pvp is THE best thing about Aion, and what the developers are, rightfully, focusing on. You can stay mad about it I guess? And lastly, can you share with the class what NCWest's boots taste like? Super curious. But really, everyone here loves the game. We're tired of how horribly it's managed, how the staff doesn't interact with us, all of it. And no matter what you say, there's no excuse for a company to lock us out of content for weeks with NO communicaition on their part. End of discussion.
  12. That's pretty poor reasoning, especially when the game already has mechanics for that. If you own a Gelk/Ing fort for more than two cycles it automatically flips Balaur. Divine flips Balaur every Saturday 5 minutes before it goes live. So, again, there is no reason for every maintenance to reset forts. Plus it locks everyone out for almost two entire days, Wed and Thurs until siege which is 5pm my time.
  13. So is any "Aion Team" member going to say anything about fort constantly resetting?
  14. At times like these I really miss Rin. She tried so hard and did her best to communicate with us and at least tell us that the team is working on issues, even if the resolutions would take time. It was great to actually have someone talk to us for once. @EMpulsedoes literally nothing lmao. If you don't intend on talking to players just quit or something. Maybe sometime NC will hire someone like Rin again. EMpulse is not it...
  15. Nah I don't think so. I doubt they're actively trying to be this terrible. It just comes to them naturally, not an attempt in anyway. I don't think they're trying to force us to quit, Classic has like 3x the population of retail and retail is still going for whatever reason.
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