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  1. New Enchanting System Changes

    yo scrub, we've had changes since day1 of beta, nothing new, doesn't matter and has never mattered, ncwest don't give a f*ck what we need
  2. New Enchanting System Changes

    these rates posted from aionpowerbook is directly from Korea so therefor it IS official
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 16, 2019

    @Cyan so the fruit harvest event "rewards" mostly i don't mind what's there....buuuuuuuuuut....who the f*ck put the rewards list together? ancient pve stones? nyerking nice joke..... ancient daevanion kill box... we already f*cking throw these on ground from CoE and the transparent scrolls.... 5 is such a useless number, same with shards, 1k is too low to be called a "reward" and we don't need lucky stars, we're all fkin lvl 80 already, the event is made exclusively FOR lvl 80s... hello can you f*cking fire whoever is making these reward lists????
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 19, 2018

    c'mon bruh......
  5. Reason why enchanting rates is so bad +

    uhm no, 1-2 leg stones per siege compared to leg/ult every pf/idd that leg stone from id/dredge is rng af, so you're lucky to get even 2 or 3 per week w/o luna resets
  6. ABSURD retune prices

  7. ABSURD retune prices

    why hasn't this gotten more attention?..... honestly, i don't even need to say anything here....this is just outright stupidity for the cost to re-tune a piece of red gear. just an fyi the price of Luna (Quna) to re-tune on Korea is less than 10 (someone can correct me on actual number)....so HOW the nyerk did you manage to increase the price...over 16times????? hell not even EU changed it..da fck ncwest????
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 28, 2018

    where my shards at??
  9. next event suggestion

    please next event, just skins, maybe gather some whatever that will give 1 or 2 legendary pvp enchantments stones that can be purchased only once a day, on top of that MORE exp and drop rates so i can actually enjoy farming and finish lvling my aetherforging
  10. so about those prestige quests

    are we a joke to you?
  11. @Cyan ok so fam, i have a little frustration with the localisation for the names of certain things. first of all, why the sudden change from "flux(es)" to "guiding stone(s)"? flux was just fine and what it's always been for many years and it drives me insane every time i look at it, which i will still continue to call them fluxes. next will be the name's of the camps (in your words "artifacts"), after playing on KR for 3 months and EU for a month i got used to the camps being "base 121, base 122, base 123 etc. this is what i got comfortable with and was very easy to remember where as now i can only remember like 3 camp names out of the 9 there are. aight. now. some suggestions i would love for your feedback on: 1. the price of Luna crafting for the majority of the items does not make it justifiable nor worth the time put in getting the Luna materials for a measly bundle of fluxes or 1 gold ingot or what have you when you can go open world and farm said fluxes and kill 1 pack of mobs and have more than luna crafting gives you. so maybe consider lowering the cost of materials needed? 2. can we have the name on fluxes changed back? 3. put the legendary pvp stone back in the luna crafting table, it's absurdly slow to get any, you get 1 per siege (that's 4 per week) if you're a losing faction and it's completely rng whether you get 1 or not from doing pvp instances and it's not like these stones are guaranteed to succeed so if you fail once or twice....welp it's wait another week to try again, you fail again, that's another week you have to wait and on the new server we don't have time to wait when it comes to doing pvp instances. 4. prestige coins, i feel like these could have another look at, it would be quite nice of these drops in open world at like maybe a 5% chance and 50% on elites, 100% of bosses and a box of like 25 or something from instances. 4.5. reduce the cost of certain items from shugo vendor, 500 coins for transparent scrolls? OMEGALUL, 2k for ancient pve stone LUL, 5k for legendary LUL, these aren't even worth looking at with current prices and maybe lower the price on the mounts, wing skins and titles, that's uhhhhh a lot over board, even though the titles at least are decent enough, but on the new server we have no titles that could really help us and 15k for Prestigious Adept is a hell of a long time to get considering i only have 1.5k coins since i started here day1 on the new server 5. the reduced time on transformation is still very irritating to me. i would still like these to be put back to 10 minutes
  12. nice...

    @Cyan i see you commenting on other posts, do we get no love????
  13. nice...

    all the event npc's disappeared 5 hour before maint, thanks now we can't hand in pumpkins or grab more candle buffs to farm a little longer....seriously thanks
  14. Arena rankings