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  1. It just means you were lucky on that particular day that there were spots for 4 star cause you, who actually belong in the 1 star bracket actually made it into the 4 star bracket due to lack of people meeting the monthly gp requirement to get back their rightful rank.

  2. Just reported another 7 chanters and gunslingers all in lakrum campaign gear on week 4 of patch. Not a single piece of CoE/Mirash gear on them. Its very clear these are bots since an actual player would most of the time only open world grind when he/she has exhausted all instance runs for the week. I did report a few in the past couple weeks wearing crafted PvE ancient grade gear no CoE/Mirash gear. A bot can easily afford those off broker after all.

  3. 7 hours ago, 2s3004E2-DN said:

    Well said.


    Not necessarily. Gear disparities in Aion used to be within reason. And coincidentally, that's when Aion used to have a lot more players...


    lol. Ain't nobody got time to grind for half a year before they can start 1v1ing players that started with ultimate gear.

    This is the current reality. Your "used to" and "ain't nobody got time to grind" doesn't matter anymore.

  4. @LophT-DN Well I don't know about you, but i'm playing from asia, if anything I should be the one who can't afford to wait to make pvp events because i'm cucked by timezone. If i'm not wrong for NA you guys have the 6 hour timeslot at night for these pvp events right? Also pvp currently is (A) you win (B) you lose (C) 10% of the time you get an even fight. Throw competitiveness out the window for now. This a mmo anyway. 

  5. @Annay-DN summed up like everything I wanted to say.

    @Bryos-DN I think what @Spirithq-KT meant was how kinah is being newly generated into the game at an amount more than current kinah sinks not a question of how to get kinah which can be a simple answer of saving up or through broker.

    @Yortus-KT I believe 20m is quite a substantial amount for a fresh level 80 character.

    @LophT-DN If you group queue from ek server at the right time u might get pugs on the other side most of the time of which half might be afk.


  6. 4 hours ago, Aislinng-DN said:

    Suck it up. You already enjoyed the priviledges you paid for back then, and are still enjoying them now thanks to NCWest lowering the required enchantment levels for your compensatory gear. What else do you want, a blanket and a foot rub too? If you were a real good and competitive player you would want more people to be able to be on your level to, you know, have real fights? Also, this is an mmo, you're supposed to be grinding too, not living off some gifted OP gear you got from spending money on a previous patch.

    I'm sorry but competitive and mmo doesn't really click together? Also this is a mmo, you're supposed to be grinding too to get ultimate genesis gear in about 6 months + time not getting it in 1 month.

    I understand about the titles thing but come on now returning/new players.

  7. The game did not remove old arena scrolls so they are still usable also people who kept the code red event boxes till after patch and open it after patch still have 30 min run/atk/cast spd scrolls so not an exploit.

  8. 3 hours ago, Edmond-KT said:

    Seriously..? I haven't done all the quests! I did quests with my main, i hadn't done all of them, i was gonna do many of the quests that i still had left, get the titles i hadn't get yet, etc etc. Now all of that is gone!

    So..... is this an issue of you didn't know patch was coming, or you knew patch was coming but was doing other stuff like irl hence no time to do quests? Like i'm pretty sure there are other people like you around but they aren't ranting about it as hard as you ya know.

    3 hours ago, Edmond-KT said:

    A LOT. On sat, at some point, i had like.. 30 minutes to play, so i went to farm some stones, i got killed like 5 times, which, adding 4 mins SS + 1 min teleport/coming back, ended up wasting that half hour i had to farm, not getting anything. Now, the funny, stupid and annoying part is, as i said before, i never engaged any of them, i was nyerking farming, not pestering anybody, not even ksing anybody, but every single asmo that got into my screen went directly to attack me. It's even more pathetic when some guy that can't even remotely kill me, keep attacking me for like 5 minutes while i could beat the shit out of them. But no, they are like nyerking bots who can't do anything other than pester, pester, pester.

    Well, I saw your latest post but I figured i'll quote this. I don't know why it takes you so long to get back to your farm spot but i'm gonna assume your waiting out on the SS, real question is if your farming, you have kinah, if you have kinah, why not remove the SS? I literally take less than a minute getting back to my spot after dying you know? And if you can actually beat the shit out of them why not do so? You do understand that PvP currently is either (A) you get rekt (B) they get rekt (C) which happens like 10% of the time no one dies because both are classes with heals and are equally skilled and geared.


    3 hours ago, Edmond-KT said:

    Heh, in fact, i was permanently in those maps, i ONLY wen't into Iluma for the daily quests, and i was out after that. I usually was at Eitnen, doing coin quests just for fun, passing through the rifts into asmodea to see the maps, etc.

    Well, reality hits you hard in the face but, hope your still sound and safe.

    3 hours ago, Edmond-KT said:

    Fully agree, but all of them MUST have some basic concepts (like i told u before, multiple paths, a reward for effort system, a long term strategy). Man, again, this is the first time ever i've seen in an RPG that this happens, no game has ever wiped 90% of its content, why don't you just stop being the devil's advocate (a local expression here in my country) and realize that this wasn't a "playstyle" change, but just a bad/shitty update?

    I'll be real honest, I only do practical stuff in game. Like things that i'm actually well rewarded for. Anything else, I don't usually bother. The game has wiped content yes, I wouldn't agree 90% but yes content has been wiped, but that doesn't make it a bad update because there is still lots of stuff to do. More relevant stuff in fact. You might not agree because apparently you have time to log in and enter low level maps to see scenery.

    3 hours ago, Edmond-KT said:

    Yep, i saved the scrolls for specific moments, same as now with the transformations (bosses, some instas, etc.)

    I'm really glad we are not on the same server.

  9. 7 hours ago, Andrik-DN said:

    Dude honestly trying to pick fights with everyone, its kinda getting annoying forreal...you say your from asia but you over here on NA..The context of this since you literally want every little detail is that there was no "witch hunt"...we were cubic farming. I shouldnt have to elaborate on something that means nothing as far as why we were in an ally..shut up and just except that fact that a very large majority of NA players do not like the enchant rates..clearly since you are from asia maybe you dont quite understand our NA logic and the way we think, maybe the korean server is what you might be more suited for since they are apparently all about "progression". 

    BTW, take another hour knit picking this and every other little comment since thats what your life is apparently all about..

    You know, you should stay off the forums if your getting annoyed. Because everyone from asia reads korean right? Not to mention servers like JP/KR/CN/TW all have region block of some sorts. So you were cubic farming in an alliance may I guess, farming leader mobs and this bunch of dudes in ultimate gear show up and crashed your party? Like I said you guys are quest mobs and those dudes need their quest done. Did they camp the spot for an hour? I highly doubt so. Were they alone? I highly doubt so too. I mean look, your previous post said "So now new/returning players like myself have to go up against these dudes in full legendary/ultimate gear and pretty much have no chance even with an ally.", as if you had to PvP them with your alliance to force them out of the area. If you died, just go back and continue farming, chances are by the time you go back they left already as it is with elyos on asmo side too (I assume your on elyos side since i've never seen you before). Leader mobs take 3 min to respawn anyway, its not like them killing you ruined the efficiency of farming it. Did the PvP death inconvenienced you so much? I would actually shut up and let me correct you accept the fact that a very large majority of NA players do not like the enchant rates if I wasn't see-ing others purifying their stuff all day, but the thing is they are.

    O and sure I will take hours knit picking if that is what I feel like doing.

  10. 59 minutes ago, Andrik-DN said:

    Im not sure you quite understand the situation

    Well maybe I don't understand YOUR situation. Why don't we start with some elaborate explaining? Since I play from asia maybe I don't see the NA zerg party that supposingly happens on a daily basis that you new/returning players are so mad about.

    59 minutes ago, Andrik-DN said:

    So now new/returning players like myself have to go up against these dudes in full legendary/ultimate gear and pretty much have no chance even with an ally.

    So may I ask right, in what instance, did you form an alliance and decided to go on a witch hunt for people in full legendary/ultimate gear? Like may I know the point of doing so? You died and so you wanted to get revenge on these people doing their quests? You wanted to get a world boss? Like what was the context of this?

    59 minutes ago, Andrik-DN said:

    Im really not sure why adjusting the rates will affect any "progression"? 

    Some of this guys like numbered name and delessa have been screaming that Aion is like an unregulated casino. They hate rng. I would assume they would prefer things to be 100%. So bam, 15 stones good to go purify gear bam 15 stones good to go purify gear. Can you picture what I'm thinking? Yes, it won't affect "progression" but what is the point of the major patch even when your gonna get max gear in 1 month? Is that fun? So that they can go on break away from the game and play some other game? Then come back and cry about why this why that?

    59 minutes ago, Andrik-DN said:

    its not like I can just walk out and within an hour have a stack of pvp stones, there is still progression, I still have to acquire the stones and this does not happen in a day.

    I'm sorry? Is the NA zerg party so bad that this does not happen in a day? I literally finish all genesis crystal quests for the week less the 5 kill quests in 3 - 5 hours. That's like 748 crystals which is like 84 enchant stones if every box (14 boxes) low balls and gives you 6. If that is not a stack, I don't know what that is.

    59 minutes ago, Andrik-DN said:

    No one wants to farm up a stack of enchantment stones for a week, maybe even two only for that stack of stones to turn into essentially no progression. 

    As I have repeated multiple times in multiple threads, do not and I repeat, do not dump all your ancients on a gear expecting to +15 it simply with ancients. If you are gonna do that, might as well not play the game till 6.5 where enchant rates are buffed for ancient stones on ancient gear. Heck I think you are better off grinding for materials to sell on broker for kinah to buy legendary stones than spam throwing ancient stones onto ancient gear hoping to +15 it this patch. Stop torturing yourself.

    56 minutes ago, 2s3004E2-DN said:

    Exactly. Increase success rates. Haven't you been paying attention to all these threads? That's what most people want.

    And if you continue failing? Because even with the current enchant rates people have passed.

    1 hour ago, Shirayuki-DN said:

    explain how the game should be designed so that there is steady progression with no rng involved.

    Read that again, because that seems to be exactly what some of you guys want, no rng involved, no "unregulated casino". *cough* Delessa.

    56 minutes ago, 2s3004E2-DN said:

    Or make it more like farming Genesis Crystals, where there's no RNG involved at all.

    O wait how could I miss this, you also want no rng involved. Let me just do the gud old copy paste from above for one of my reply to andrik ok? "So bam, 15 stones good to go purify gear bam 15 stones good to go purify gear."

    56 minutes ago, 2s3004E2-DN said:

    I know this is hard for you to understand, but there's something called "middle ground." It's the devs' job to design the game to have an appropriate middle ground (for enchant rates and other stuff). If 100% is what is necessary to get everyone to be competitive in pvp in a reasonable timeframe then I'm all for it. 100% will probably not be necessary, but the rates should definitely be higher than what they are now.

    Who are you, to tell a developer what their job is? Yes, we as players can provide suggestions but do not forget that a developer not only needs to satisfy the player's needs, they also need to satisfy whoever is above them in terms of money rolling in. Honestly, we wouldn't be bumping heads about this enchantment rate thing if legendary PvP stones are also sold on the bcm like in korea. Yes, you and delessa will cry 2% rates to +15 a piece of ancient gear with math with legendary stones but that will be history.

    56 minutes ago, 2s3004E2-DN said:

    Btw, you can play an MMORPG for more than one reason. I know I know, it's mindblowing. Gear progression is cool and all, and it is characteristic of the RPG genre, but it's not the only reason some of us play.

    Name your other reason then. Why do you play an mmorpg? For fair PvP?

    56 minutes ago, 2s3004E2-DN said:

    I think it's fine that players can have different gear levels (unlike private servers). However, I believe the difference between casual and max geared players should be minor enough that casual geared players can always feel like they can compete (again, referring to BM vs. 65 A2 in Aion 4.0-4.7). If you wanna grind or pay extra for a minor competitive advantage, be my guest. But with the new damage formulas and gear grades, gear has become way too dominant of a factor in pvp. Gear no longer offers a minor advantage; it is a major advantage now.

    So someone who has put in 500 hours in a game should always feel like they can compete with someone who put 5000 hours into the game. Point noted, i'll try to digest this. Meanwhile, it says your a cleric. So can I ask you when has stat abuse not been a thing in this game, have you used a mr set before? A block set? Yes, it didn't make you immortal, but surely it was a dominant set too against the respective classes. Like have you tried using another magic class in just BM, trying to kill a cleric in magic resist set in like a 3 v 1 situation? Don't tell me it is merely a minor competitive advantage. Yes the advantage might not be like now but stat abuse has always been a thing. I'm actually glad this patch they nerfed the living daylights out of mr and block, meaning once you get to ultimate to fight evenly its all about skill.

    56 minutes ago, 2s3004E2-DN said:

    You can talk about grinding all you want. You can make this an issue of how hard people wanna work. You can say that other people are just lazy for not being willing to work as hard as you. But the devs just need to decrease the enchant rates by 1%. Then another 1%. Then another 1% etc. And dummies like you will keep saying it's just a matter of diligence. At what point do you say..."hey wait a minute..NCSoft is unnecessarily wasting my time and I'm stupid to continue to grind this much". Remember this is a game, not a job. An appropriate middle ground needs to be achieved. As far as I can tell, most people believe NCSoft has crossed the line from what's appropriate for a MMORPG into "it's stupid to grind this much" territory.

    Holy shit, you actually got that right. The devs are indeed going to increase legendary enchant rates by a total of 3% in patch 6.5. It truly is just a matter of diligence and using your resources smartly really. At what point do I say "hey wait a minute..NCSoft is unnecessarily wasting my time and I'm stupid to continue to grind this much"? At no point. As you said "this is a game, not a job.", the fact i'm even playing a game in the first place is a waste of time already ain't it? There could have been so much more other things I can choose to do irl like picking up another skill etc but I chose to play a game. Just like you chose to play the game. Why? You think you aren't wasting your time if you play a game with better enchant rates? What nonsense about time wastage. At the end of the day it is whether you are entertained.

    58 minutes ago, 2s3004E2-DN said:

    Learn to argue without providing only two extreme options: 1. Play something else; or 2. Accept that the game is fine the way it is.

    We know there is a third option: Forums exist so that we can voice our concerns. And there is an offchance that NCSoft will listen and make changes when enough players are angry and loud enough (Cyan has replied recently saying that the changes are incoming so we know they do fix things under pressure). Things like transformation system cannot be reverted, but most other issues can be fixed (even the transformation contract issue can be fixed by giving out ancient contracts).

    Or negative progression even.

    And what makes you think, enchantment rates can be fixed? NCwest can give out more transformation contracts but can they also change the rates of getting normal, greater, ancient? No. Are you seriously going to trust NCwest/NCsoft to make sweeping changes in just a couple weeks? Hence instead of playing the game and taking suggestions from people on how to enchant you come to be angry and loud on forums? Just FYI, the most recent important changes just made contracts drop, made power shards sold via kinah (which is overpriced compared to all other regions and doesn't even show up for asmodians), changed the transformation scrolls bought using gold bars to the transparent types (which still garnered outrage from the community because that is not what people want) and increased the kinah gained from the kinah bundles you craft with luna mats. We'll see what they give us this coming maintenance then, if your enchantment rates are actually made better. Because I assure you, that is not something within NCwest's jurisdiction. Neither is lowering the required enchantment level to purify.


    58 minutes ago, Andrik-DN said:

    This 100%, I dont play exactly for gear progression, I play this game for the pvp aspect and when Im bored I run pve stuff.....The pve stuff is where I want my gear progression to be, dont get me wrong, I dont want pvp gear just handed to me, but I also dont want to never get it either, That meaning I dont want to be stuck using ancient gear forever because I cant get my gear enchanted. I like gear progression, but if its going to take me forever to get it, then I dont find that fun, I want to get my gear to what is suitable and get into the fight, not stand around trying to grind instances trying collect materials to get me gear up to snuff.

    I'm sorry but have you actually played the patch? Just saying, there are people complaining that after 16 instance runs they have literally gotten no loot (because the legendary gear that drops is not their class loot) and are still stuck on ancient grade PvE gear. I, personally have more pieces of legendary genesis crystal gear now than legendary PvE gear from FM/BoS. I'm afraid to say this patch is a marathon, you might not even get actual ultimate gear till 6.5 both PvP and PvE wise. I know numbered guy up there says there is an option 3, but knowing the team behind Aion NA, sometimes its better to just choose option 1 or 2.

    1 hour ago, 2s3004E2-DN said:

    lol why are you talking about numbers here? We're talking about gear difference not number of players. Da nyerk are you on. Quit straw manning.

    Bro, yes Mirei was talking about gear difference but as I have bolded which you have conveniently ignored, he/she is also talking about how new players are getting griefed in the starting zones and people have been camping bases. Do you think, these "griefers" are on their own, just 1 guy? Do you think if you had ultimate gear due to better enchantment rates you can face up to them? If you actually played the game, you will realise this is true. That they come in groups, not just a single guy which you can fight on equal terms if you had ultimate gear.

    35 minutes ago, Alptraum-DN said:

    People dunk on crafted gear right now because they don't quite understand it yet, but being able to get a potential ultimate set before everyone else does without having to worry about enchantments is still a huge advantage. Sure, it will not be quite as good as the Genesis purified-to-Ultimate gear, and that's the point. View crafted gear as a stepping stone, use it to the point where you can start farming things easily and get your Genesis gear upgraded and purified. That's my gameplan, at any rate.

    Finally a guy who knows what he is doing.

  11. 3 minutes ago, Andrik-DN said:

    I've literally watched a dude take out an entire ally because no one could kill him...So yeah Im pretty sure gear had something to do with all of that.

    Dear Andrik, do you realise that if enchantment rates are improved like what numbered guy suggest. Your going to be ultimate gear facing potentially 6 guys in ultimate gear as well? Yes I understand a guy in ultimate gear can face 15 guys in ancient or whatever you guys want to say, but can you not twist my words when you don't understand the situation? Here, i'll quote it for you better so you can actually comprehend what is going on?

    12 minutes ago, Shirayuki-DN said:

    Do you think that with better enchant rates your "beginner area" won't be equally "griefed", do you think people venture into these "beginner areas" to do their kill quest alone? Are you that naive to think that o just because you have the same grade of gear you'll do any better against a group?

  12. 23 minutes ago, 2s3004E2-DN said:

    Whoa. The guy who has explicitly stated that he doesn't care about Aion or the Aion community wants more instance pop windows to benefit everyone worldwide.

    What a nice dude you are trying to ensure that everyone is happy.



    Nah. You probably only care because this issue affects you cuz you live in Asia.


    Is it my turn to tell you that you're just "crying" and "whining?" Is it my turn to say "deal with it?" lul.

    At least numbered guy, I know what NCwest can feasibly do and what they cannot feasibly do. *smirk* Yea of course I gotta benefit myself, who doesn't want to benefit themselves, its human nature. Let me just repeat what I said to you in another thread ok? R u that naive? And let me add, to think that everyone is a nice person.

  13. On 16/11/2018 at 7:49 AM, Mirei-KT said:

    I think the main problem here is that the gaps between the new gear grades are immense. People in ulti exchange gear can afk in the middle of a fight against 15+ of your average players, add up a transformation and they are literal godmode. New players and those who didn't (or couldn't) invest in exchange gear ahead of time alike are introduced to an increasingly hostile endgame environment - the first groups have already begun to camp bases and raid the beginner areas to grief others and delay their progression.

    Yes, it's supposed to be hard. But I think a lot of players would have more peace with the current enchantment rates if the gaps between the new gear grades weren't so obvious and thrown in your face all the time. Being facerolled over and over without even being able to put a dent in such people is a factor that is going to demotivate a lot of players, putting the current enchant rates aside.

    And let me dissect this ok? To address numbered guy's you hit the nail on the head.

    16 minutes ago, 2s3004E2-DN said:

    So you can't refute what I said so you're just repeating yourself at this point. Cool.


    P.S. Wouldn't it be nice if all the people that could shut you down on the forums quit?

    O and just to give you a notification so you actually read it and of course the post above where I didn't quote anything.

    Now look at the bolded out portion "the first groups have already begun to camp bases and raid the beginner areas to grief others and delay their progression."

    Let me break it down for you now numbered guy. The reason why groups camp bases especially the top left and right bases are because that is the entrance to frozen monolith if you even know what on earth it is. People want to PvE they need to hold the camp to enter it. And let me correct this idea of yours that every person camping those camps are in compensation legendary or ultimate gear ok? Reason why people camp center camp is because world bosses are about to spawn and alliances want to PvP the other faction off the world boss (which coincidentally is in your "beginner area") by using center camp to port to the other side of the map. Again sometimes, its not a matter of what gear those people camping the spot have but rather the number of people there are that is getting you killed. Also let me introduce you to something called the daily 5 kill quest in your war tab of your quest list, you think every single person killing you is there to grief? No, your a quest mob to them. That is how the game has been designed. Do you think that with better enchant rates your "beginner area" won't be equally "griefed", do you think people venture into these "beginner areas" to do their kill quest alone? Are you that naive to think that o just because you have the same grade of gear you'll do any better against a group?

  14. Well come then, explain how the game should be designed so that there is steady progression with no rng involved. Increase success rate? Give back 100% enchant rates as though its an omega? So what? You want your full ultimate gear in a month? You know I figured, there really is no point talking to you the moment you mentioned you were in BM gear for forever you know. Because lets be honest, do you even play a mmorpg for progression? If you just want to throw progression out the window and instead have convenience so that you can get full ultimate gear in a month and start PvPing, might as well be playing a non mmorpg.

    Do you want to know why i'm refuting delessa's suggestion and being seemingly unsmart about things? Its because i've actually played the game, seen people purify stuff, purified my own stuff instead of doing 1 minute math sessions and nope-ing out because hurr durr those people must have compensation legendary stones hurr durr I don't want to zombie grind mats to sell on broker to purchase legendary stones off others.

  15. 9 minutes ago, 2s3004E2-DN said:

    looool ITT Shirayuki now arguing with math.

    I already addressed this in other threads. But you and Aly are really good at the straw man fallacy (i.e. you're misrepresenting your opposition's position)!

    Let me repeat: We don't have a problem with steady progression (I already gave you the example of Genesis Crystal gear as something nobody complains about).

    Problem with RNG is that there is no sense of reliability (we don't know how long it will take to reach our goal gear). Couple that with low success rates and a lot of people will often even see negative progression.

    I, like you, have gotten pretty lucky this patch. Most of my gear is +10/11 ancient at this point.

    Unlike you, I'm smart enough to realize that most people are not as fortunate.


    You hit the nail on the head.

    This is exactly why we need better enchantment rates. So that we can get the majority of players on the same tier/grade. PvP between players with different tier/grades of gear is just pointless.

    O you're still here? Haven't quit yet?

  16. I believe people like to avoid the gold pack that is pretty much essential to play aion on GF. I mean there is nothing wrong with putting more time slots right? To also cater to the number of timezones NA stretches over and also to cater to the night shifters in NA.