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  1. Azphelumbra Daeva. I see poor Cyan has been purged and in his place 2 more has appeared. Didn't you know if you want to compete at a basic level in this game you gotta use that wallet of yours? If your wallet can't handle it but you still wanna compete in this game you gotta mingle with the elites. If you can't do those but still wanna compete in video games you ought to do yourself a favor and move on to greener pastures. That's one solution I offered! Have fun Daeva. Oh and its okay people i've heard the our wallets will make NCSoft do something argument save your breath Daevas! NA is no lon
  2. Its me Mario. I mean azphelumbra daevas its me Shifatyuki from the dead legion of Sleeping Knights your resident skin whoring forum white knighting potato af priory legend songweaver/former ISIS hyperion bombing raid alliance former/kicker whatever you call it. Patches have come and gone and alas I notice even the post your character threads in the various class forums have gone MIA. I implore you almighty daevas of both sides to post your glorious characters in their awesome skins! Yes skins! Skins are the true end game after all and they will be the ultimate weapon against the vici
  3. Sorry, I can't really answer that 100% as i've only been playing BDO for like 2 months, but i've touched both classes sort of. So far regarding ranger I didn't really know what I was doing pre awakening and as for ranger awakening it sort of becomes more of a melee class. Witch on the other hand is my current boss alt (no instant teleports/quick instant move in BDO to get around places (there is a 1 hour transport from town to town though) so gotta use alts unless you want to run around the entire map), again didn't really know what I was doing pre awakening but it has heals and stuff and awak
  4. Started playing BDO SEA as they had an event to get the game for free back in april and well i'm also from asia. Its been a blast so far. Been just doing life skilling and ocean content mainly in BDO as i'm trying to remain completely f2p like I did in aion while slowly getting pets off the market to make grinding more efficient. Every week has been updates, minor quality of life/class balancing changes or major updates with new zones/content so far unlike aion doing scheduled maintenance for god knows what. I've put off starting BDO back in october 2018 when they had the same event to ge
  5. Unless your telling me all the bots have been banned. Now thats good news for grinders like me.
  6. I would suggest if you had kinah hoarded from pre 6.2 it might be a good idea to invest in procced ultimate gear. <- bruh
  7. This made my dinner taste better compared to the seasoning coming from the increase enchant rates thread.
  8. Yep they don't require enchanting. I guess the bad thing is they need to proc on the ultimate craft otherwise its crap though I might be wrong on the crap part since I just did a 5 minute comparison of the unprocced ultimate vs ancient genesis crystal gear. Then again if you get anything less than proc version you can just break it down for fighting spirit fragments which you need for genesis gear purification so all good. Its a good placeholder gear (a long term one too due to how long its going to take to get full ultimate genesis) I would suggest if you had kinah hoarded from pre 6.2 it mig
  9. Its kinda crazy that people would bother logging an alt and give others a good laugh on forum when said time can be used for grinding in game.
  10. Some people want to work on it even though its no longer required for gear, maybe they want to xform and grief people with it outside of siege, some see it as a goal too. But they do them and we do us.
  11. Its kinda crazy people would enchant non ultimate grade PvE gear or even waste genesis crystals on getting ancient PvE enchant stones. Its also kinda crazy how after going through the effort of bolding stuff, it says I haven't walked through all the implications.
  12. Thank you for pointing out what me and hopefully many others have been doing.
  13. Its kinda crazy that people mind throwing 100 ancient stone (more like unlimited stone) or more to get to +10 when said stones are pretty useless on any other gear besides ancient grade. You do realise that once you are done with ancient grade (which happens like 46,716,655 AP and 930 fighting spirit fragments later), you are going to be flooded with ancient stones/genesis crystals right? Why do I think people won't try something that in theory should work better? Because as humans, I believe our species are intelligent enough to realise that ancient grade gear is merely the beginning of thing
  14. Its kinda crazy that people would waste legendary stones from 8 to 10 on ancient gear. That right there should never happen.
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