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  1. Known Issues: Server Merge

    I cannot even get to the accept EULA page. The game login window comes up and I log in to Aion then the update window pops up which says I am already using the newest version and hit Play Now button and wait and wait for an average of 3-4 minutes then it goes away. That's it. I have file repaired from the update screen. Started the game from root folder, under admin rights, without admin rights, initiated file repair again, successfully verified files. I have tried to start the game 20 times and each time it gets to the Aion Splash screen it just....goes away.......after about 3-4 minutes. Please dont tell me to re-install.....its a magic invisible button isnt it. I just didnt get the email on its location? My ex-wife put yall up to this? Going on 6 years playing and never had this one happen.