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  1. Rifts should be permanent

    Aion PvP is already at it's lowest low so why not make rifts to/from Norsvold/Illuma permanent to breathe some life back into it?
  2. The "people moving to africa after being stunned" thing is a product of NC's poor netcode and the fact that everyone has high ping. I do agree however that sins could need a bit of love right now. Slayer form should be a toggle like mau form Windwalk should be a normal skill. Sprinting should not take mana (or not as much at least)
  3. Current Kumuki Cave Glitches.

    Nyerk is whack. Monsters in Kumuki will randomly aggro you even if facing the other way. This happens like every other run.
  4. [Assassin] How to EB

    I've seen several sins ask for guidance on how to do their job in EB. So I gathered some videos explaining the various things sins have to do (note: none of these are made by me but they helped me a lot when I started doing EB on my sin) This video explains everything a sin might ever have to do (camps, cave, dog) By the king of sins, Jake. A video on how to do fast camps so you can afk go help the other groups faster. By Poolz/Steel A different approach to camps/cave by Kahza

    The reason why NC doesn't do anything about this is simple, too many people use it. I don't know about other servers but on Siel I'd say about 80-90% of the elyos population are using 3rd party programs. I suspect the numbers for the asmodian faction are similar. So if you remove/ban hackers/cheaters the game will literally die overnight.
  6. How exactly do these work? You skin them and then get a skill? Can you skin the same weapon twice and get two skills? Is it the same skill every time? Can the skill be re-granted with a scroll?
  7. Anyone else getting this problem where you do the daily luna instance and it won't spawn the rewards (xp things and lootable meat)?
  8. evergale

    Can someone explain to me how the elyos took points BEFORE the match started?
  9. Aion Memes!

    I posted this in another thread but I feel like it would be a good addition to this one as well. It portrays my constant frustration with elyos clerics always being better than asmo clerics
  10. Quickbar Bindings for Cleric?

    In general it depends on what role you are currently in. For clerics it might be an okay idea to have two separate quickbars, one for dps and one for support. One approach to mapping skills is to put instant casts on easily reachable buttons so you can press them while moving. As for specific skills, make sure you dispel. If you do that you are already better than 90% of all clerics.
  11. We need to talk about the Chanter...

    I don't think chanters are the problem here. Clerics are far more aggravating. At least the ones on the opposing faction who always seem to be gods while your clerics can't even walk straight.
  12. How to PvP in Aion | A step-by-step guide

    While I appreciate your alternative control scheme, I think my fingers are sufficient for high-level Aion PvP. Pic related, me doing some high-level aion PvP
  13. How to PvP in Aion | A step-by-step guide

    True, I normally use 15 fingers for everyday PvP but sometimes if the opponent is very good I use 20 fingers. In some really rare cases I even use all 25 fingers.
  14. Are you new to the game? Do you wonder how to become the very best there ever was? Do you want people to logout in fear when they see you ingame? Just follow these simple steps and become a pro "PvPer" today! Spend at least 5000$ on the cash shop (5000 is the absolute minimum!) This is the most important step, if you don't follow this one the rest of the steps won't apply and you might as well uninstall now. Level your character to 75. With all the items you bought from the cash shop you should easily be able to speed your way to 75. This is another hard requirement. If you are not level 75 you will not be able to compete! At 75 you need some gear so just spend some more money and buy the 75 AP gear (thanks NCsoft for allowing us to just buy gear!). Make sure the gear is at least +20 (at least +5 for accessoires) and has the best available manastones socketed. Almost there, now that you have the level and the gear it is finally time to put it into action. Start off by sitting in the guards in either Norsvold/Illuma depending on your faction. Sooner or later a player from the enemy faction will show up. Now pay attention! A noob player would just rush in and probably get killed, you don't want that! You are not a noob! The general rule of thumb is it takes 20 members of your faction to kill one of theirs because all enemies are hacking (no one hacks in Aion lol) more geared than you somehow. So wait until there are at least 20+ members of your faction sitting in the guards with you. Now wait just a little bit more until one of them decides foolishly to take the first step (he will probably die lol, what a noob). After at least 5 people from your faction are engaged in fighting with the one enemy you pop all your buffs (also pre-pop terraform) and rush in and start hitting the enemy. After you defeated the enemy take a screenshot and post it on fb so people can see you are actually a pro. Some things NOT to do Avoid any sort of fair looking matchup (e.g. 1v1s) as most of the time the wicked opposing faction will trick you and what looks like a 1v1 is actually you versus 1 visible enemy and 10 assassins in hide. Never quick-queue! Quick-queue (also known as QQ) is for noobs! Always assemble a team of likeminded players like yourself. Remember: strength is in numbers! Never get an e-gf/e-bf because they will take all your kinah and your mansion in the divorce! Just let people admire you from afar. Never disrespect the shugo race in game. There is actually a hidden luck stat which goes down everytime you say something bad about shugos. The lower your hidden luck state the more easily your gear will break etc. Portuguese/Spanish translations coming soon™