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  1. Two armor sets at level 10?

    Hello. So I played a little of Aion some years back but didn't get very far and decided to return and give it another go. Upon reaching level 10 I received two armor sets with weapons, the Fledgling Daeva's set and the Noble Daeva's set. Is there any reason to use one over the other? Stats are similar and give and take with certain aspects. I'm playing as a Chanter so I'm looking at it from both a DPS and Support point of view. The Fledgling set seems more DPS oriented while the Noble set seems more support oriented with healing boost. It does have a lower combat rating with shared stats between the two being lower as well but with ones, such as the healing boost, seem to give it a different purpose . Is this double gearing intentional? Is there any reason to keep one set over the other for any specific reasons down the road, say to trade them in for better gear?