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  1. I'm from Europe and my ping (with exit lag) went down from 112 - 129 to 91 - 97. This change of server location was great for those who live in Europe
  2. On DN: 6.2 - 6.5 > Asmos got more than 90% of Anomos Spawns (with the only good extend of the game, a big difference in pvp) 7.0 > Asmos got almost all WB spawns for a long time with DNA, Nod (Big Mistake and others names of the same Legion) and others big legions from DN A (except Altar ticked spawn) 7.2 > Almost all Red Katalam WB was Asmos KT and DN 7.5 > Elyos finally get the control over WB spawn, and now NCsoft need to do something to that "unbalance" Relax, in some patchs asmos will get the control again, some patchs later elyos will get it and so on...
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