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  1. Thanks for informing us of the enchanting rates. Now can we get the hundreds or thousands of stones back that were broken because NCSoft f'ed up the enchanting rates?????
  2. @Cyan Please explain how this is even remotely fair? I have multiple toons on different accounts that I log into every day for all toons to collect luna and do the daily luna instance. So I am screwed out 16 luna bundles for 5 toons because I can only collect it on one toon per account? That's 80 luna bundles. Math does not add up.
  3. Can we add this one to the list? Quest NPC mob will follow an enemy player forever.... These NPC should not agro or chase after players. If you are trying to turn in a Gen Crystal quest, the NPC should stay in the camp.
  4. I have yet to see the logic in the combining feature, it doesn't make sense.
  5. SO specific...please don't post unless you have something constructive to say. Forums are negative enough now, you have to correct people and not be specific? My apologies - I meant the old alchemy/cooking items, NOT the aetherforging items.
  6. Any ideas on how to make kinah in this beloved patch? We cannot craft/sell crafted items, farming is verrrry slow at kinah making (unless you are a bot). Any ideas?
  7. I hear a lot of people talking about 6.5 and wait, how long of a wait is it? What can we do now to fix what we have now?
  8. There is not enough content and too many players on one map to have a lot of enjoyment out of the game right now, sad to say.
  9. Run Away Fast And don't look back The End.
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