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  1. Last time I played this game was in 4.8 (well, the first week of 5.0). Sure we had dumb shit like rocket mounts and funny chocobo things, and some silly skins, but what the fk are these transformations? This game is flawed on a fundamental level when I have to pay to not look like Tigger. If I am going to stare at my character for a thousand hours I at least would appreciate not hating the way my character looks. Oh, and the xign code shit was annoying too (why do I have to turn off windows defender protections to get a game to work?). Also, it would have been nice to let peop
  2. Been a few years since i've played.. Read about two months worth of forum posts. Great job to NCSOFT. This game will never be anything but terrible, yet its funny that people throw money into it. Well, do what you do, keep throwing money at this game that nobody cares about (im sure they love it). My nostalgia moment was thinking about gettiing jumped by superfrog and jtt in inggisson while i was farming random materials. Now there is just too much shit, plumes, bracelets, do you all need more gear? It seems redudant. I'm glad Aion is dead and gone, it deserved it
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