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  1. @Cyan any chance to work on a Balanced Server? Katalam no asmos Danaria no elyos Ereshkigal as a new server has a rate of 3:1 Asmo/Elyo. Any chance to get numbers? Cause probably in like 2-3months you guys going to merger this server with another at the way we go. Same what happend with Kahrun/Beritra server
  2. Well. I got 80kk at the new server and almost full inventory open, plus like 56 on Warehouse. And i can tell you, i dint even donate for 1NCCoin. So yeah, everything is cheaper, saddly, we got a lot of People on the opossite side (Asmo). On Sieges theres probably like 240-250 asmos vs 100 Elyos.
  3. We can update the Game from 6am @Cyan @Hime?
  4. Reset instances or put dat drop buff 200% hahahaha @Cyan. My luck/rng just sucks, 1/2 box peer run dayun
  5. Even Sywo and his team coming to NA huehue. Well, ofc EU nyerk players
  6. You literally has been ninja like 90% of the Players atm so just shut up.
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