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  1. Hello everyone. After maintenance this week, somebody got a chance to exchange NCoins to BC Coins ?, It is bugged for me still :(.
  2. every shop is having issues, BCM is having issues also, in case you have problems with BCM shop or to exchange NCoins to BC Coins feel free to continue the topic fresh. we need some senior gm to chech this out. ,
  3. the files ingame are ok, the BCM is broken on some accounts, i opened 2 different accounts and i can see the option to convert ncoins to bc coins but in the account where i have ncoins is not showing it.
  4. @Cyan this issue can be easy supported by any GM or we need to wait until they fix the whole BCM?, Im asking them to turn my NCoins to BC Coins but seems they are not able to it.
  5. I have issue about exchange NCoins to BC coins, i cant see the option in the BCM >-<, if anyone can help me out with this issue would be nice
  6. just change the loot to group only, but keep the prices as same... you dont have to change the prices cause "economy"
  7. Can you put the NCP to trade in our coins with the prices at the event description please?, at least to not feel we lose the playtime yesterday because is unfair we couldn't even trade in even 1 coin because we didn't know about any "malfunction" of the game or so.
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