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  1. Ok thank you. I didn't know I could look at a twitter link and do that without an account
  2. Actually it is. I just got here. It's been YEARS since I've been on. If they bothered to post on the maintenance link I indicated where that information will now be listed, I wouldn't be getting flamed from you, for my stupidity. Just one more message for all the new people, wouldn't kill them. P.s. I don't have twitter, never have. Too much social media out there to keep track of. Twitter, instagram, facebook, snapchat, etc. jesus. when is enough, enough? I had facebook only, and got rid of that. I don't expect you to understand, but thanks for letting me know anyway.
  3. Where to look?

    Is there a place, website, tutorial etc that might explain the myriad things I should be paying attention to? I log in and there are messages about omega this and aether that, ways to upgrade equipment that I know nothing about. what is idian? that kind of thing. I am not asking for someone to hold my hand and explain everything, you have a life too, but just a finger pointed in the correct direction would be great. It must be displayed somewhere in a concise format. If I have to spend 5 hours researching everything by odd forum post, I'm out. That will take forever. Thank you for reading, and especially your reply if you deign to do so.
  4. Why don't you guys put this where it goes? http://na.aiononline.com/en/news/server-updates/ There is actually a place on the page specifically for this.