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  1. BCM JOKE 2019

    I miss the good old BCM store, with coold items, enchants and scrolls that made the game smooth and fun. I wanted to keep on putting my money in this game but, I feel like the developers couldnt care LESS for us in the WEST. WAKE UP NCSOFT, WE AINT COREAN. Its basic business theory, you cant reach different audiences with the same product value, you are lossing us. WAKE UP-
  2. I will not buy anything from BCM! JOIN Me

    Honestly I feel you, I ve spend hundreds of dollars in this game in the past expansions cause I used to believe this game was fantastic, worth of my time and that it was fair to exchange my money for some perks and extras that made the game experiencie smooth and more enjoyable. But we must address the elephant in the room, for years now we have been building our characters and accounts, adding more stuff,getting better gear, reaching the meta and so on till the point that we were in the peak of glory with our hard earned stuff. Heck Ive been playing since 2014 and i remember the good old times where i dreamed of having my items plus 20 and last year when i dreamed of completing the harvester set to enjoy high lvl dungeons with my friends, ive been constantly working to reach the new meta and improve my game experience and finaly, after YEARS of grinding, i reached a place where i was confy, got my cipher blade to +20 and then, right before the last update i made my second +20 of a extendable greatsword i never thought i could get, let alone enchant to that point. And then bum, the new patch came in and sudenly i felt how all my hard work, years of grinding and investments burned to ashes, Ive never been a pro, but i was strong enough to enjoy the game, condifent of my gear and my skills to get the best out of this game; and now im sitting again in the bottom of the stairs, feeling like a noob, having to grind all over again, seeing my best geat rooting in my inventory since its useless now and having to deal with a character slow as hell, having to buy a random RIDICULOUS transformation just to being able to run and attack descently fast. This game used to be epic, daring and challenging, now its all goofy, boing and super grindy. Honestly, i aint spending a dime either.
  3. Joker's Wild 2018 Rewards List

    I think events should slowly point us towards the big change coming up in 6.0 instead of filling us with things we don’t need and will have no use in the future either. I.E why not giving a relevant amount of Spinel Medals , a bundle of 10- 20 medals as a reward instead of enchantment dust, candy and those accessory boxes which are fairly bad, why give pieces of equipment people don’t use? instead give them mats to make the Abby’s set, and upgrade materials instead of temperings. Rose duelist, essence core, manastone +3 +5? Id been better off a bundle of stigmas X5 or x10 since the new patch is aimed toward skill enchantment of +9 which is something hard to achieve. To be honest some events make no sense at all, some neither give good things or help us progress on the grinding, they are just fillers. I believe that a good event helps the player base but it also increases the overall play time consumed in the server,ultimately leading to more micro transactions as the events rewards are compelling enough to makes us spend money in the game. This event doesn’t none of that.