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  1. Do not expect any help from support

    There's no point anymore support is utterly useless after 3 days couldnt provide me with any solution or fix as to why on a 64 bit version of windows aion keeps launching in 32 bitmode. and there last reply clearly shows they dont want to help people or dont even know how. AlexaYesterday at 22:48 Hello, As what has been posted in forums, the game does load as 64 bit if the system where it has been launched is also a 64 bit system. We understand that this is the problem you're reporting but we are only bound to provide basic troubleshooting for this, that may possibly fix the issue. Thank you for understanding. Regards, Alexa NCSOFT Support Team Didnt get any fix or support whatsoever just generic unhelpful reply's because they clearly cant work out why it's happening.
  2. 32 bitmode??

    Where can i find this aion/data/dump/cofnig.ini thing to double check it is 32 bit?
  3. Do not expect any help from support

    Via task manager shows it running in 32 bit mode.Also the excessive lag rubberbanding andoverall slow performance.This was not a issue a month ago,havent changed any settings or security or installed anything new but yeah game is pretty unplayable. Tried this Fix but it make's xigncode have a error so no luck there
  4. I recently reinstalled Aion after a break,unfortunately my game client keeps launching in 32 bitmode. So i did the right thing made a ticket contacted support.Provided them with Dxdiag logs like they asked,then get asked to run hijackthis and provided that file. A day later i make a post asking for a answer from Cyan if the 32bitmode has been enbaled for the Event which im told it's not. 2 days later i still recieve absolutely no technical support from ncwest over why a game that ran perfectly fine a month ago on the same system with no changes continue's to launch in 32 bit. Instead i get this utterly useless reply from support. AlexaToday at 16:16 Hello, It appears that Cyan already addressed the issue on your forum post. We definitely understand where you are coming from and we respect your decision. Hopefully you'll change your mind in the future and when that happens, we'll be happy to have you back. If there's anything else that you might need help with, just let us know. Thank you, Alexa NCSOFT Support Team. Sorry support but Cyan didnt address my issue and provide me with a permanent solution.All i was told is the 32bitmode is not enabled on your end.You offered me zero technical support on how to remedy this problem you offered zero communication nearly for 2 days. What sort of company's Tech support cant even find a solution for people who want to play a game in the correct mode.So word of warning to player's dont expect much from this support team because they cant even provide a fix after 2 days when you give them everything they asked for. Support means helping your player's find issues and solutions,i remember vividly a issue like this occuring With Blizzards world of warcraft their support answered tickets provided concise fixes that remedied the problem all your support did was waste 2 days give me zero help and not find the problem,thanks so much for that worst service and support iv'e seen.
  5. 32 bitmode??

    Well i have still recieved no fix for why the game client is laucnhing 32 bit mode and not 64 bit.Ticket number Request #18199494. This game previously always loaded in 64 bit except for the rare occasions you guys disabled 64 bit for events.
  6. 32 bitmode??

    I have been waiting day and half for help from support or an answer as to why game client is running in 32 bit mode absolutely no info from them or cyan on if they enabled it for the Tia eye event like Sft. Tried deleting few files and repairing but nothing works game is basically unplable in 32 bitmode.Would be nice if support or our Cms could reply to topics lost sveral runs due to Dc's freezes with this 32bit mode.
  7. I reinstalled this game but the game client is running in 32bitmode,still waiting on support after nearly day and half for answers.I login this morning update game 1 minute later xigncode shuts me down tells me i have virus trojan lol.Since nothing news been downloaded or installed since yesterday and no settings have changed how da nyerk did i get any virus when my security says nothing. So now following advice on topics i delete several Aion file's for repair which take's me few hours to reinstall. Utterly no response from Cyan if 32bitmode was enabled for event,no reply from support,game is becoming unplayable 2 month ago before this never had any real issue,but cannot play this game in 32 bitmode or with Xigncode shutting me down every time log.
  8. XIGNCODE3 Issue Request Thread

    So i reinstalled game,First issue game is running 32 bit client not 64 bit so game freezes lags crashes. Yesterday no issues with this utterly fail xigncode,today after maintenance i i update game login 1 minute later im disconnected and told i have a virus or trojan.Seriously worst piece of antihack ever.My security scans are clean.Now i try repair game and waste more hours cause of needing to delete files. 10 years playing wow and their antihacks cheats never caused these issues. I have contacted support,but this Xign code and this 32bit client mode issue just make's me want to uninstall yet again.
  9. 32 bitmode??

    Has ncwest set the game to run in 32 bitmode for this Event like they did with smoldering temple,cause my game client is running in 32bit mode after reinstalling and dont know why.Any advice idea's be great thanks.
  10. Dear ncsoft,you arent serious about banning hackers,cheaters or account buyers,because if you were some of the most known player's wouldn't still be around years later.Secondly the player's shouldn't have to constantly give you proof of hacks cheats and account buying trading for real life money.Any half decent publisher polices their own game vigourously. As long as these hackers,cheaters keep spending thousands you wont ban them,just like you havent for many years,your quite happy to sacrifice any shred of integrity for money plain and simple. I wish you'd sell na aion to a better publisher,because this game could be turned around easily,but your parent company make's mistake after mistake, troll's it's player base on a regular basis with a range of issue's and is so slow to act on any important issue. And this new program can only be laughed at because i'd lay money on the same hacking cheating bads still being around because you dont want to lose money.
  11. 6.0 info

    Weren't you the same guy linking your +35 gear and saying you wont Equip it till have a +20 shadowpact polearm? You are the embodiement of pay2win,how many accounts and chars did you use for free restore's when your gear broke,because as most player's know getting gear that high doesnt come by free2play or without breaking a few time's. And minions arent the only pay2win at all,any player with gear +20 and higher is sinking huge money into this game or has utterly no life and is spamming bots and alt army's to fund their gear. I hope 6.0 kills the game for player's like you and we can go back to true endgame that isnt dictated by a persons wallet,and gear is capped.I dont mind ncsoft making money but tempering and chanting high levels completely ruined pvp,and i hope in 6.0 it's fixed and all the pvp baddy's that rely on this high level gear go somewhere else.
  12. Power up Event

    Thankyou voice of sanity who see's the point im trying to make,i know you are a long-term and respected player who has firsthand seen the changes nc korea has brought to the game. As to calling player's out,i dont like to do this,i myself have once supported this company and probaly more than most gearing multiple alts and accounts.However the last few major patches have opened my eye's too as you say the *quick buck* tactics now being adopted,that are then palmed off as a favor to the player's. There was never a way to ensure 100% success enchanting until they added mythic supps,which was yet another cashgrab,by making us pay for something we always had,same as tempering until this event you could waste untold billions of kinah,ap and spinel medals trying to reach the ridiculous level of+7 to purify,as to cheap thats personal definition many player's forking out even 5oomillion kinah per item for 7 accesssorys at a total cost of even 3.5 bill plus temperings might not class that as cheap.
  13. Power up Event

    I said Ncsoft,not ncwest please read post. And cosindering the complaints that came out of korea's player's base they aren't too happy with game design either. And sorry but they are tactics designed to take player's for a ride,removing things we previously had and gating behind a pay2gear wall. I love little nc whiteknight fanbois like you who defend them with your dying breathe no doubt.This patch is hugely unpopular, the game's declining,people have made repeated posts about needing+7 for purify's, exploding gear, poor leveling experience's.Please keep deluding yourself how awesome aion is. And im not playing why would i waste my time and resources on gear that will be redundant in 6.0 easier to quit and see if 6.0 can actually reverse the damage caused by 5.0. And given RNG rates and exploding items i really totally beleive you spent nothing what so ever getting geared. And sorry but people who need to sink thousands of dollars into pixels are stupid and it's the only way the can compete by overgearing nearly every player they will pvp against.If you spend more than a sub on this game you need a serious reality check about why your even playing a game. please show me where korea said that in the patch note's.and enchant rates have actually been nerfed on omega crits for +2 and up.
  14. Power up Event

    Did i say i have a problem with a company making money? The problem i have is the tactics used by Ncsoft to make money. Exploding gear and accessorys was never a issue,but this company decided to try and force player's into spending money due to high chance's of gear breaking.After several months of Nyerked off player's we get 100% chance with supps,which we never needed in the past. Accessorys again never used to break,but added to cost us more kinah or more real life money to stay somewhat competitive. I love all the the people defending this company and it's tactics,i hope you are the people who have sunk thousands into and the game closes to due lost player's. There are plenty of ways for ncsoft to make money without such blatantly unscrupulous tactics being employed since 5.0 was released.This game has 2 years left at the most less if 6.0 is a flop,game's wont survive on a few whale's forever,and those sinking hundreds or thousands into this game are plainly stupid.
  15. Power up Event

    I really love how you make out your doing us a massive favor by adding this event,when in fact it was your developer's poor game design choices that added exploding gear in the first place as yet another massive cashgrab. And then when you've figured you have probaly lost people and money by ewxploding gear you act like your doing us yet another favor by adding supps so gear doesnt explode. I really wish the playerbase would wake up to the tactics being employed here,the people in charge dont randomly do these things it's all planned out to maximise money,before losing player's. Sure this event will help players somewhat,but let's nopt pretend it isnt yet another cashgrab giving us back something we previously had until all this exploding stuff was added.Everything in Aion is designed as a time,money and cashgrab.It's these sort of tactics and choices that have driven away player's and drove's and the fact it come's across as a favor is truly the icing on the cake.