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  1. I am worried, we all know that the sieges of prades and basen are some of the best there has ever been. My concern comes from the rewards that will be given. Will these sieges give gp? Or will they go unnoticed like other things? I personally would like these sieges to give glory point rewards. If anyone knows something, I would like them to tell me
  2. There are new players that we do not know about these things and we just entered aion.
  3. But this is an assumption, it would be good if any GM gave a statement. @Cyan The event was good enough to get pvp / pve stones. But if we spend them in vain without knowing what is coming, the time invested will be useless.
  4. Admins can say an approximate date of when they will put the 7.5? There are new changes as accessories, that many people still enchanting jewelry without knowing that in the next version they will no longer enchanted. I know many people who spent their pvp / pve stones from the event enchanting jewelry. It doesn't seem fair now that it's so hard to get them.
  5. You need pve equipment to be able to do it with an alter. I tried with the equipment legendary (Risiel) is imposible.
  6. I currently play in Korea and the amount of players on the new server is impressive
  7. I am very excited for the 6.0 and I think a lot of people will come back to the game. When you think it will be ready?
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