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  1. @Cyan Alter Siege feedback

    I Guess (based on my experience in Mythical) it's because cg has some feuds with people from those 3 legions, it's more a pride thing than anything, and let's not get started with certain person who just trashtalk during siege if we are losing and blames those 3 legions.
  2. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    You are not helping your cause with that Attitude, beat.
  3. How many layers of autism dos de already crossed?
  4. You need to wake up

    People wanna abuse the hell out of alts during events and be afk 30 seconds AND became full endgame geared.
  5. Expoitable bug, need fix ASAP

    Hey guys, dont do this very bad thing, here are the steps to do it, but dont do it
  6. Looking for some glad tips

    Morning people! I've been playing a lot of glad since 7.0 came out and decided to make her my main toon, but was struggling with some info. What Stigmas are the best serio for pve and pvp? (Considering I have no extra slot opened). Pvp wise: polearm or greatsword? Also: wich purificaction order would you suggest? Right now, I've purified Weapon and boots.
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    If we got this event like it's working today since day 1, we would have the forum flooded with complains about how hard is to get enough coins to buy anything. I would be happy if at least the coin drops were fixed instead random: - Little box gives 5 - Big box gives 10 And that would solve a lotta troubles and headaches.
  8. Enchantment rates...Again..!

    I doubt the rates are screwed again, if that's the case, even reaching +10 ancient would be hard as heck
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    I can imagine something like this happened: - Mail comes with the maint. Build (everything cyan posted). - "We fixed the character slots bug" - "some other stuff" - "Also, the fact that cauldron coins are brokerable was actually a bug, so we added a fix to it" - End of the mail. Based on pqst events, the only thing NA people can do is increase the coins drop, but any tarde/price modification would need Korean changes that happen once per week.
  10. Correct me if Im wrong(old and new pvp gear)

    7.0 info has been here since the patch hit Korea servers, you can find it on forums, Powerbook, YouTube and other pages. If you live under a rock or something, it's your own fault.
  11. Valiant and Top Tier

    This is ironic coming from a Poco member.
  12. Fixing AD in 7.0

    I Guess someone Is afraid of people catching him in gear.
  13. Gonna use this thread to ask you guys: Let's say I form an alliance with 12 members from legion A and 12 from legion B (me, the alli lead being from A). If my alliance is the only one there and kill the deity, wich legion wins the altar? Legion A because the alli lead is from that? Or legion B if these 12 members did More dps than A?
  14. Access Restriction Notice?

    It happened to me after doing some pvp instances, I think it has to be something related yo te enter ping after doing character Select.