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  1. We are lucky to get 3. People it was suppose to be 1, yet NCsoft chose to buff the rewards and we also get a tradeable cute minion contract. You are ungrateful.
  2. Whats the justification for keeping Enshar and Cygnea which were useless 1 month into release? They are dead regions, why are they being kept?
  3. How are Norsvold and Iluma useless maps? How were Katalam and Danaria useless maps? 4.8 all over again.
  4. I'd rather have bots who make a minimal impact in 5.8. Say 3.0-4.0 yeah they had a big impact, but in 5.8 they are truly non-existent. Oh and isn't botting a problem for Koreans who had it much much worse than us. These changes in 6.0 are aimed towards Koreans not for western market. I'm not sure how correct the information is now but there was a time in 5.x where botting wasn't reportable in Korea in fact it was allowed even. Remember glittering shells in 4.8 Idian depths, NA cracked down on that pretty fast but Korea it last for a long while that it became the norm to buy from bots the s
  5. Cositia you need to run Evergale then get back to us, cause your sample size is pretty small and didn't happen on a good day.
  6. NCsoft is shocked by this and I'm sure they're discussing amongst themselves what to do. I'll be happy if they give each of us 2 untradeable major felicitous socketing. In fact they might consider extending this event by a week seeing the great success of it to boost revenue.
  7. What the heck is a Sireine minion? Is that suppose to be the C grade Siren?
  8. Whole point of milestones is to see progression as you go along the event. The way it's going when the event ends boom we reached all milestones and gonna get lots of surveys.
  9. Everything Aly said is true. I assume all the spinel medals you got from Kumuki event? Surprised you didn't mention that.
  10. I don't doubt that, but I'm just saying its designed to be more casual and left competitive. Creating premades will only slow you down.
  11. Aion had those species long before 6.0. So pretty much Blade and Soul copied those species, and Aion 6.0 just rehashed the ones that Blade and Soul copied.
  12. Pre-5.6 +0 and +1 was 100% with black stones, a combination of omega + lesser supplements if not a lone omega or black stones +greater supplements was 100% from 2-9 inclusive. In 5.3 Spinel medals were 17mill each, AP much more rarer. Spinel medals went down to as low as 2mill AP and Ap is easy to get if you do Mirash Sanctuary. With this event you only need one copy for each accessory so yes it is cheap.
  13. That wasn't a ninja nerf, it was clearly said in patch notes 5.6 that enchantment crits were reworked and +2 procs are rarer with +3 and +4 gone. I don't know the rate of tempering for Luna offense, but 30% for omega on S rank luna defense is consistent. The only ninja nerf was +14-+15, it now requires 500 supplements instead of 400 when using Omega.
  14. Evergale is suppose to be more casual and less competitive that's why the GP gain is less, and premades have lower priority on purpose. That will not change ever.
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