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  1. Really man, I post as I like. Not picking on you, just mentioning what you said. My opinion does not change. I don't believe on luck. After this maintenance. I'll try again and see the results. This table % can be changed and we won't even know. This proves nothing in MY opinion.
  2. Well, according our forum mate Kubei, its just luck. I don't agree with it, but who knows. To me there is some kind of rate, algorithm, percentage of enchantments and it feels a lot different from the first weeks. My chanter staff went from 1 to +12 without fails, week one or two of 6.2. Now, can't seem to enchant anything past +5 without tons of fails and stones wasted. Since I don't believe in luck, fate or whatever mystic stuff, I stay with rates being "adjusted" but that is me...
  3. Are you still trying to argue? really? None is calling you names and now you are calling me a douche bag? Congratulations!, maybe except I called you a fanboy. If that is the matter, I take it back if it will make you feel better. I'm ok with your opinion btw. I just don't agree with it.
  4. Whatever dude... not arguing with you or anyone. Believe what you want. Idc.
  5. If you read Kubei posts, you will find soon enough what the fanboy term means. He will defend no matter what the shit that AION is atm. No point in arguing with someone like this. Just wait to see the reply to this... It will be fun to read nonetheless.
  6. Do you really believe in Santa Claus? Do you believe they wouldn't change stuff between maintenance to force ppl to spend money ion CS or stuff? I have 7 character lv 80. Half of them have itens +10 - 13 and all got like this before the last week maintenance. After that, things went down the drain. It is noticeable the difference in enchant rates. If you don't find this possible, well that is impressive.
  7. Enchant rate was fine till two weeks ago. They ninja nerfed this the last maintenance. The enchant rate is ridiculous now. Been failing from +1 to +2. This absurd.
  8. Guys!! Hi! I'm playing a sin now and I have a major doubt in which set I should grab. Inquisitor or vindicator? Inquisitor gives me more Evasion and Magic Resistance while Vindicator more PDef and MDef but no Evasion or Mres. Can anyone help me here? Thank you very much beforehand!
  9. Guys, I tried to search but couldn't fin anything good. Can anyone share how ppl do those branding macros or point somewhere I can look into this and get some tips? Thank you very much!!
  10. Thank you very much for clarifying this to me. Cheers!
  11. This is another stupid thing. Why only one person is rewarded for a 2 group effort in finishing. This kind of decisions of the devs are stupid. It should drop a chest for each person that helped/worked to get the thing done. I have to disagree with this. I am seeing lots of LFG <XXXXX> geared only. Ppl that can't gear themselves so quick will be left behind at a point that it will be near impossible to catch-up.
  12. I still don't get why daevas can't swim in AION lol. This is just plain stupid... The environment changes would be awesome as well.
  13. I have a question regarding this Daeva skill drops. For example. I've been running CoE since start, and so far, I get the same skill from the chest every time. I saw someone saying its totally random and any skill can drop from the chest. Can anyone confirm this? Tyvm! I believe there are lots with this same question on their minds.
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