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  1. I only had 2 server options... Neither were Danaria.
  2. Waaaaaait. They're getting rid of old maps? I mean.. All my chars got deleted apparently in their server mergers But that's sad day
  3. We will see... Their phone service is apparently not open on weekends and closed before I knew they had one.
  4. Whelp. I guess I won't be streaming it this weekend since it takes so long to hear back then. A little unfortunate. I had been hoping to revisit some good memories.
  5. If that's the case then the pin is 4-5 years old...
  6. Whelp... So much for that. I was going to stream the beginning levels and progression through their game. I'm now rethinking it.
  7. Anyone know how long it takes to receive a return on an inquiry? About 4 years ago when I played, it was less than 20 minutes, I submitted a ticket over 5 hours ago and have heard nothing back. I can't log in due to the new 'need a pin per character' system, but it never gave me an option to create a pin in the first place so....
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