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  1. Getting back into the game

    Wow! Thanks for the detailed answer.
  2. Getting back into the game

    Hello everyone! I just came back into the game after a really long time. I stopped playing right after aethertech/gunslinger were launched. Already looked into forum/reddit and coudn't find a solid guide of the current version. Currently I'm a level 67 Chanter Asmodian. So I'm here to ask you experienced players what you recommend me to do. 1. Best way to level up (as a f2p player); 2. Best way to make money; 3. What to focus for now; 4. Any good guide for Chanter PvE/PvP, stigmas, gear, stats and all other things I need to know; 5. Anything else that could be usefull for me to know. Thanks in advance everyone!