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  1. I would love a 2.7 classic server as well but you must understand if they did they wouldnt make it monthly subs and have it set up as of now with cash shop etc. They would ruin the cd system, solo world farming for crafting because of cash shop that wasnt around those days. So thinking a old server IF one came back wouldnt still be the same as of before but worse.
  2. First of all the GP system should never of been implemented in the first place and second, if you're complaining because of all the money you invested for gaining GP has become a loss in your mind it's 100% your fault for going all out ptw style wasting thousands lol. Just another reason i've taken a ( break ) from aion, most likely a permanent one lol. If aion erased every patch from 4.8 and beyond, made it monthly subs again with more cd's to instances, with cash shop mostly about just about skins, mounts without the mega ptw bs like gear and reset scrolls I would come back but that aint hap
  3. First of all I would like to thank NcSoft for ruining Aion because if u didnt i would of had a much harder time quitting. As a player who has played since launch and never much liked all changes they did in aion 4.5 and beyond just made it no longer fun, nvm with all the other bs like hackers which it didnt bother me too much but the all out micro transactions ptw concept just ruined the purity of the game. For people who played Aion way back in the days they get what i mean. I'll admit online gaming was the most addictive thing i've exp and i've done gambling, drugs in the past and didnt have
  4. First of all I would like to say NcSoft is the coolest best company out there but on a serious note it would be nice if they can make all the minion contracts and miniums we get on alts from events be account bound to give to your main especially with miniums. You can only get 74 a week within the normal times in aion and it's rarely on bcm to buy and you need a total of 3.6k of them to max a minion
  5. Ha ha was just wishfull thinking but as for Bryos saying extendy weapons dont affect ranged that's not true, glads cleave is further and temps can yank you from further away
  6. So AT are considered melee right? So where's our suna extendy weapon? I want my 12m range idium strike
  7. Ikr, in my bastion and swinging my arms around in circles lol
  8. I know as a AT we can use any emote as well but not while on bastion with idle ones and wish NcSoft can change it so we can be on bastion with emote going on idle like say cutie dance or socialite etc. Most AT rather be on their bastion just in case if a unexpected encounter and think it would look epic with a big ol 80's cell phone on me
  9. When you guys brought out tia eye event I havent seen it so active in years and was awesome. Yea yea the event rewards at the start was very favourable for us but man you guys went to far on the changes, put it in the middle of your over the top coins for rewards from the start of it. I'm sure NcSoft you can do that because it will give you more money as well with a lot more happy actives so get her done
  10. yea for myself I was getting frustrated and didnt even have certain folders people were mentioning so out of frustration I completely deleting aion lol. Was kind of therapeutic in some ways, did that wed and still havent re installed aion
  11. yea i wasnt around much last time the event happened, can u explain to me where I change to 32 bit plz?
  12. idk about anyone else but i've never had this many dc's and so soon apart from each other like today during sft event. anyone else having this issue?
  13. yup, that looks about right on a typical mass dc lol
  14. ok this needs to be fixed with the mass dc's in EC and the client crashes, getting frustrating being nyerked over to get soulstone mats to purify gear. Is NcSoft going to fix the issue or just sit on their asses and ignore it?
  15. Yea man I mean shit happens, I didnt think it was on purpose and no biggie but only problem was that we all had a 12 min cd like we left instead of getting kicked. NcSoft should fix that 1 part I think.
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